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How to rock Earthy and Bohemian Style: Boho Chic

Recently I've been doing a lot of personal styling and make-over for friends and fashion clients. One of the styles that is greatly misinterpreted and highly requested of many of these women is bohemian style, often referred to as "earthy, beachy, hippy, mother-earth, or natural". The problem with some of these terms is that there is often a negative connotation to them (i.e. ungroomed hippy-nature woman). This evokes mental pictures of eccentric women with wild hair, mounds of drab-drapey clothing, a tambourine, and granola shoes. This doesn't have to be! One of the best modern examples of fabulous Boho-Chic (emphasis on Chic!) is Nicole Richie. Her use of draping, colors, vintage, and hippy wear is well balanced and crazy cute!

But there are several ungathered ways this look is carried out. Maybe I'll save that for another article, but I'll give you the ungathered highlights as well as a few gathered recommendations:

Do Not

  • Wear extremely oversized clothes. Yes, Boho Chic is often flowy cuts and draping, but that should not mean you look like you can fit 2 small kids in your clothes.
  • Only wear long peasant skirts, maxi dresses, and knit-wear. This is as crazy as people who only wear leather. It's overkill.
  • Let your appreciation for more "natural beauty" turn into poor hygiene and grooming. Mascara, a brush, Lip Balm/Gloss, and accessories make a world of difference in adding the "chic" to Boho-Chic.
  • Neglect ward-robe essentials and structured clothes. In order to be a versatile gathered woman, you'll need basics like dark denim jeans, slacks, and other structured pieces. There are always ways to put Boho touches on almost any look.
  • Wear flip flops 24/7. Comfotable and cute shoes can be a little bit of a challenge, but don't let that translate into laziness by wearing sneakers, uggs, crocs, and other weather/occasion inappropriate shoes that will make your look fashion unfriendly.

 Do Try: 

  • Mixing simple prints in moderation and working up to bolder prints. Prints are an easy way to add Boho style.
  • Vintage wear. It can add charm to your look and fashion diva points to your rep!
  • Colors. Just because the term is "earthy" doesn't mean you need to stick to brown, tan, cream, and green. The earth has every shade!
  • Jewelry. This can be a big misconception about Earthy style. Accessories is actually a major part of this esthetic. Try rocking turquoise, crystals, gems and minerals, bangles, hoops, or feathers!
  • Strappy Sandals, Toms, Ankle Boots, Ballet Flats, and Retro and Vintage heels to meet your footwear needs.

Here a few examples of some Boho Styles that can be rocked to various occasions!

To Work

Bohemian Outfit #1



To Semi-Formal/Dressy Event

Bohemian Outfit #2



To A Date

Bohemian Outfit #3



To Shop/Casual

Bohemian Outfit #4



To Outdoor Event in the Fall

bohemian outfit #5



To Music Concert/Party

Bohemian #6



Do You have amazing Boho Chic style? If so, we'd love to see it! Share your photos with us at or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @ TheGaheredLady and if we like it, we'll share it!


Fashion-Lust Pick: Big Coats Trend

Happy Wednesday! Here's my Fashion Lust pick: Big Coats Trend. So, I know many of you shuddered at the huge coat silhouettes that made their way down the fall 2013 runway. I have had difficulty accepting this one also. But I've picked a few options that inspire fashion lust and won't drown out your cute curves and femininity. If you notice, the tailoring is exquisite on these coats and they can add structure to your shape while still being chic. I have decided to go on a woman-hunt for the PINP (poise in a pinch/ inexpensive high-quality) versions. I will definitely post when I score. And I shall score indeed!

Big Coat Trend Picks

Have you rocked the Big Coat trend yet, or spotted a affordable PINP version that will make us here at The Gathered lady drool? If so, share your pics with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram @TheGatheredLady and if we like it, we'll share! See ya Friday!



Upcoming Event: Unlikely Heroes Justice Ball

Attention LA Fashionistas, make sure you get your tickets to the Unlikely Heroes Justice Ball . The stylish event will be held at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood tomorrow Tuesday September 24th 8pm-12am. Not only is this an excuse to wear your fabulous formal attire, it's also benefiting the extraordinary cause of ending child-sex slavery. Unlikely Heroes provides safe homes and restoration services for children victims of human trafficking and sex slavery. Tickets can be purchased here for $35. I'll be attending tomorrow and I'll be sure to bring you the wonderful fashion that's helping to support a good cause!


Fall 2013 Accessories Trends 

This fall, it's all about the accessories. Earlier this month we posted on Fall 2013 clothing trends featuring structured suits, grey shades, big coats, and several other styles from the runway. I personally have reservations about the big coat trend (who wants to add tons of bulk in heavy fabrics and lose their shape while adding the illusion of extra weight?! Not I!). Despite the questionable trends, there is some hope this season in purses, and jewelry. Every good fashionista knows that accessories can make or break an outfit. We’ve picked the top accessory trends, check them out:

 1. Earrings

Fall 2013 Earring Trends



Statement Earrings are a favorite highlight of mine for this season. I always love great jewelry and earrings add drama to your outfit and highlight facial features. Best worn with up-dos , this trend may mean you need to take a break on the statement necklaces to prevent dramatic over-do. Pearls were also quite prevalent in jewelry and could be worn in studs, details, or as a component of a statement chandelier earring. Honorable mention to sterling silver and metallic jewelries.

2. Shoes

Fall 2013 Shoe trends



Just the word “shoes” makes me smile. But I was a bit underwhelmed with most of the shoe trends for this season. I’ll be opting out of most of the “boyfriend” shoe trend. Leave the clunk-masters to your neighborhood electrician. I prefer the 1940’s, modern vintage heel and look that can be seen in many shoes on the runway. Also, velvet shoes are a big deal now. Although, I’d suggest taking the velvet trend with a grain of salt. However, I will fully sign-up for the thigh high boots. Provided that you have decent legs, rock them while wearing appropriate hemlines, and avoid the night-walker potential, this trend can be both daring and chic. And despite cycling for several seasons, the punk-rock shoe and inspiration is still alive in shoe-wear. In addition to studs, now pearls are trendy details that are going to be showing up on shoes.

3. Purses

Fall 2013 Purse Trends



The trend for fur is rampant this season. Purses with fur details were ubiquitous on the runway. Also, the double strap or forever bag is big this season. These structured bags compliment the strong lines and architectural elements of this season clothing designs. Also, pearls showed up in almost all elements of fashion and add sophistication and quiet glamour to bagwear.

4. Scarves and Long Gloves

Fall 2013 Accessory Trends- Gloves & Scarves


Staying warm is functional, but these trends make it fashionable. I adore the long leather gloves and plan to live out my Olivia Pope fashion inspiration trough them. Yes, I live in LA… but a girl can dream, can’t she? Major fashion points to anyone who can rock the faux fur (or real fur if you’re balling and don’t have PETA guilt) scarf. It’s certainly a ‘lot of look’ and can be worn to create an impression of opulence. But if paired with inappropriate urban wear (read apple bottom jeans, and glitter top) it can create the deadly effect of tackalicious -hood-rat- ratchedness. Yes, that is a real fear and a real possibility. Don’t let that happen. Stay gathered, by wearing your faux fur only at the most elite of occasions.



Poise In a Pinch: Stylish Outfits for less than $100 (NY Fashion Week)

Happy Friday! As you know I (Bree) am a PINP (Poise In a Pinch) diva extraondarie. My skills were put to the test this week, when a close friend told me she was extended an invitation to New York Fashion Week 2013, but was considering not going because she had nothing to wear. *screams and shakes fist at the injustice of it all*. Well, being the fashionable friend that I am, made a blood oath promise that I would find her a fabulously fashionable outfit worthy of NY Fashion Week for less than $100. She was a complete skeptic, not that I could blame her. NY Fashion Week is basically Mount Olympus for the fashion gods and her budget was in no shape to ball out. But, the art of being a PINP is not in the cost, it's in the style and eye for a deal! Check out the look we created and how PINP magic happens!

PINP'in ain't easy

Our Desired Outfit:


Houndstooth Dress Before PINP


Topshop pumps



Fendi ring






Our PINP Version:

Above is our PINP version featuring:

  1. Forever 21 damask cross ring $5
  2. Vintage houndstooth peplum dress $8 (Goodwill)
  3. Forever 21 gold geo-desgin earrings $5
  4. H&M necklace $15
  5. Guess geometric retro strapped shoes $15 (CrossRoads Thrift Store)
  6. Yellow leather clutch $12 (TJ Maxx)


There you have it, stylish fashion at a fraction of the cost! Original version $5,011. Our PINP version $60! *cues PINP music* (50 cent P.I.M.P.)

I don't know what you heard about me.

but you can't get them dollars outta me

I'm gonna dress so fly you gon' see