How to rock Earthy and Bohemian Style: Boho Chic
Thu, October 3, 2013 at 10:30AM
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Recently I've been doing a lot of personal styling and make-over for friends and fashion clients. One of the styles that is greatly misinterpreted and highly requested of many of these women is bohemian style, often referred to as "earthy, beachy, hippy, mother-earth, or natural". The problem with some of these terms is that there is often a negative connotation to them (i.e. ungroomed hippy-nature woman). This evokes mental pictures of eccentric women with wild hair, mounds of drab-drapey clothing, a tambourine, and granola shoes. This doesn't have to be! One of the best modern examples of fabulous Boho-Chic (emphasis on Chic!) is Nicole Richie. Her use of draping, colors, vintage, and hippy wear is well balanced and crazy cute!

But there are several ungathered ways this look is carried out. Maybe I'll save that for another article, but I'll give you the ungathered highlights as well as a few gathered recommendations:

Do Not

 Do Try: 

Here a few examples of some Boho Styles that can be rocked to various occasions!

To Work

Bohemian Outfit #1


Bohemian Outfit #1 by bree-jenkins featuring nude flats


To Semi-Formal/Dressy Event

Bohemian Outfit #2


Bohemian Outfit #2 by bree-jenkins featuring couture dresses


To A Date

Bohemian Outfit #3


Bohemian Outfit #3 by bree-jenkins featuring a pink peter pan dress


To Shop/Casual

Bohemian Outfit #4


Bohemian Outfit #4 by bree-jenkins featuring mesh beach tote bags


To Outdoor Event in the Fall

bohemian outfit #5


bohemian outfit #5 by bree-jenkins featuring Isharya


To Music Concert/Party

Bohemian #6


Bohemian #6 by bree-jenkins featuring a long strap purse


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