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Hairstyles for a Bad Hair Day

Hopefully this article is being read in a preventative manner, but every lady knows eventually you will have a bad hair day. Maybe your hair is in that funky grow out stage between short and mid-length, you have too many grays, greasy hair, a naturalista with crunchy frizzy curls, or a relaxed lady with too much new growth, or a combination of several-- the point is your hair is NOT the business! Well, Gathered Lady Bree to the rescue!  

This past friday, I was in hair hell myself. My curls were wack (dry, undefined in the front, mashed flat in the back, dull, and insanely frizzy and super big). I had almost no time to get out of the house and a wash and go wasn't a viable option! Here's my favorite style saves for bad hair days!

Hair Problem: "My Hair is SHOULD NOT be seen by human eyes"

Solutions: Hair Turban, Wigs


Hair Problem: "My roots look horrible". "My Hair is too greasy". "I have too many grays".

Solutions: - French Braid - High Bun with decoraitve head band - Thin Scarf/Hair Tie - Deep Side Part ponytail


Hair Problem: "My ends are frayed and damaged." "My Hair is overprocessed and dry" "I am a transitioning natural and I have two textures". "My roots are puffy but the rest of my hair is straight"

Solutions: - French Braid/Twisted Hairline with Bun in back - Humped hair in front with french braid or bun in back  -50's pin-up bangs with bun in back


Have you rocked one of these fab styles or have other Bad Hair Day styles that rescue your look? Share your pics with us and if we like it, we'll share it. You can email us at or find us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @TheGatheredLady !

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