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7 Ungathered Fashion Trends to Avoid 


Happy Friday Fashionistas! It's excellent to be back after a nice, restorative vacation last week. Having been rested and refreshed properly, and practiced self-care like the gathered lady that I am, I am ready to get on my game and solve the problems of the world. In that spirit, I am going to compliment Bree's 7 Heavenly Fashion Trends for Fall 2013 with the converse: 7 Ungathered Fashion Trends to Avoid (in no particular order). 

It is my opinion that in the absence of a highly organized and funded International Fashion Police agency, The Gathered Lady can make a "citizen's arrest" on the following list of faux pas. Not necessarily because these trends are ungathered in and of themselves, but because they are particularly difficult to pull off without looking like an ungathered poser. As in all things fashion, our advice is a guideline, but never an unbreakable rule. All instances of these trends being worn should be judged on a case by case basis. Just don't be surprised if people stop and point you get convicted of fashion crimes! 

1. Socks and Sandals. 

See? Makes NO difference what type of sandal you wear. Attempt at great risk of silent ridicule.This trend will never go away and is as old as time, and neither will the complaints from the visually victimized. And it doesn't matter what type of sandal you wear, or how young you are (unless you are in elementary school or something, and then your parents should be confronted). FYI, this was voted the worst fashion trend of 2013 in the UK this year. Apparently it's a plague over there. Let's stop the outbreak now folks and cancel this one. Leave this one on the runway and back away slowly. 

2. Graphic Leggings.

^^What you think you look like. What you ACTUALLY look like.^^MMkay. I think the pic above says it all. Graphic leggings are a fashion trap of sorts. It seems like it's going to be a fun, dramatic statment piece, and then it morphs into this hard to match fashion challenge. Trust me, I fell for this one (but DID NOT leave my house!). Not to mention that if you're not a 2-dimensional airbrushed model photo and happen to be a human being, you will have to deal with the problem of 3-dimensional subcutaneous fat deposits -- aka muffin top, jelly rolls, cellulite, and baby back ribs. We advise caution here. Discretion is the better part of valor. Live to fight another day and stop scaring babies in strollers. 

3. Overalls/Shortalls. 

Every single person in this collage looks like they just wandered in out of the cabbage patch.This trends shows a disturbing zombie-esque ability to raise from the dead. As this one is a personal pet peeve of mine (I had a long overall phase in my fashion-challenged past), there is not enough bad to say about it. Don't do it. Unless you're headed to the Fall Harvest Festival in character as a rube. Even with heels and jewelry -- this is one that is impossible to dress up unless the overalls are made from a different material than the usual denim.  This trend is for fashion virtuosos only --  and even then you could make the worst dressed list! 

4. Power Clashing 

You could easily look like a truant clown. Refrain. This trend is another trap, and it reminds me a lot of the pinterest paradox or the "easy" home improvement projects shown on HGTV. It all looks so easy... until you attempt to repeat said outcome! Even with detailed instructions, the power clash is a delicate balance best left to the runway and professional personalities unless you know what you're doing and there is an appropriate occasion to rock this one. (Hint: Work is never a good place for power clashing unless you want to power clash with a pink slip, especially if you interact clients or customers. Fashion and entertainment industry fashionistas are exempt from this rule, but should still use extreme caution.)

5. Pajamas, Rollers, Silky Caps, Slippers, and other Nonsense as Activewear

There are no words. Go to your home immediately. Fashionistas, as obvious as this one is, it's something that I have to deal with in this list becase far too many people out in the world are guilty of this. A little public shaming could go a long way here, if you ask me. I also find it unforgiveable that Hollywood sometimes plays around with this, which encourages the People of Walmart types that are more normally guilty of this. Shame on all of you! Go home and put on some shoes, brush/comb that hair, and put on some actual clothes. The world is not your living room! Groom thyself immediately! 

6. Harem pants, Hammer pants, drop-crotch... oh my!

Who really looks good in these? I demand to know: who looks good in these? I'm of the opinion that they don't really flatter any body type. Also, for the skinny types that do get away with it, what do you do with all that extra space in the free poopy pouch included in the back? These confuse me, and I'm not the only one not dreaming of Jeannie with this damn pants. Use caution- these pick up right where gaucho pants left off! And I don't know about ya'll, but gaucho pants turned me from hottie to Horton-hears-a-who in 0.5 seconds flat. #sideeye

7. High-Wasted Denim Shorts 

A denim gamble.I struggled with whether to list these. They can be fab, and often are... on the right body type. Unfortunately, my eyes do not deceive me that there is a plague of people not able to determine whether these shorts can be a part of a healthy balanced wardrobe. Being some retro combo of a stovepipe pant and a mini short makes them intriguing, but they bring the cons of those clothing items along with the pros. I see scores of women out there wearing ill-fitting, too-tight shorts that muffin up top, wedge in the bottom, and roll in between the thighs. These things will have you doing that yank 'em dance every time ya'll! Look before you leap! Prefereably in the mirror with a dose of reality. 

Well there you are. Practice caution with all of these trends, and you can't fail to be a gathered lady. And tell your friends! 

Are there any ungathered trends we've missed? Email or facebook us and share them! 


7 Heavenly Fashion Trends... for Fall 2013! 

As September is knocking on our door, we need to be prepared for the fashion industry's favorite season: Fall. It's a great time to pull out all of your fashion pieces and layer up. Fall fashion separates the average from the truly fashionable. Fall and Winter fashion take effort and savvy to coordinate while remaining functionally warm and visually stylish. So, we've decided to help you by picking our top 7 trends for fall 2013.

Don't worry, some of these trends you already have in your closet since they've been hot almost year round like leather and emerald. Other note worthy trends that didn't make the cut were shades of blue, army & military inspired, plaids, and knit hats. Overall, I'm noticing strong structural elements to all of the new Fall 2013 trends. Clean lines and sophisticated colors and patterns. Very Olivia Pope. Check out and let us know what you think in the comments section, Instagram, or Facebook.


  1. 50 Shades of Gray
  2. Crazy Big Coats
  3. Suit Up
  4. Leather Love
  5. Thigh High Boots
  6. Winter White
  7. Emerald Green




How to Look Good While Travelling


Looking good in the airport is hard. Well, actually, it isn’t as hard as it seems, but it definitely seems hard. And with the last minute rushing to get ready that usually takes place the morning of a flight, being stylish can quickly get demoted on any gathered lady’s list of priorities. Here’s how to re-prioritize your fly, and ensure that you’re ready for whatever foolishness the TSA throws at you.

Select an outfit while packing. This little trick has made dressing for the airport a breeze for me. It also makes packing easier. Basically, I decide what I'm going to wear while I'm packing, just as if I was packing an extra outfit. Laying out all of my clothes at the same time makes it easier for me to see which (if any) jacket I need, and if I can save some room in my luggage by wearing a pair of shoes that works with other outfits that I packed. The same is true for accessories and jeans, if you bring them. Think of your outfit as a stylish extension of your luggage. Another benefit is that you will save time getting ready the morning of your flight. And you won't be wearing sweatpants.

Dress for comfort. Please don’t show up to the airport in strappy stilettos. Uncomfortable clothes and shoes will induce regret almost immediately. And when that regret comes, it’ll be too late to do anything about it. Look for a comfortable maxi dress or a pair of jeans (not too tight!) that you can pair with a comfortable pair of shoes that won't give you trouble if you need to run to catch a plane!

Keep the TSA screening in mind. Some accessories just aren’t worth the hassle they cause in the security line. I never wear a belt to the airport, and as much as I love my cowboy boots, they are too difficult to get off and on to be bothered with. Slip-ons, clogs, mules or any shoe that can be easily removed are the best footwear for the airport. For accessories, forego an armful of bangles, quickly retrieving them from the bin after you've been body-scanned is nearly impossible.

Layer, layer, layer. Even if it is warm both where you are and where you’re going, you still need to layer up. Your halter may be adorable, but you’ll be regretting the choice midflight in the icebox responsible for getting you to your destination. If you layer, you can always take off your jacket or hoodie if, for instance, the A/C in the cabin is broken. Jackets also make great blankets and pillows on long flights. Yay, versatility!

Casual hair and makeup. No need to drive yourself crazy trying to flat iron your hair at 5 a.m. Tie your hair up the night before, and if your old ‘do survives the night, rock it again. If not, try a side-ponytail (easier to sleep on) or a high bun. As for makeup, I’m strictly a mascara and lipgloss girl on travel days. Anything else is too much effort. When you reach your destination, duck into an airport restroom to freshen up a bit.


1 Piece 4 Ways: Gray T- Shirt

Recently, I made a random purchase of a gray V-neck T-shirt on sale from Old Navy for $4.50. By surprise, I am now'crazy in love' with it and have gone back to buy 2 more of the exact same basic T-shirt, in the exact same color! I know, I'm an admitted fashion addict, but I assure you this was necessary. Not only was the cotton T super comfy to sleep in (and happens to match almost any pair of boxers or night shorts I choose), but it's cute, heat friendly, and sturdy for a work-out shirt also! At this point, I can't tell you how many ways I've styled this shirt. So, I've decided to share my latest fashion obsession with you and 4 easy ways to rock this casual T-shirt in more sophisticated outfits. The best thing about this piece is how it can be dressed up or down in hundreds of ways, and you can get it for as low as $5! Check out this stylish staple and chic ways to rock it:

1 Piece: Basic gray T-shirt

Where to buy: Old Navy,  H & M, Department Stores, Gap, Online

Cost: $5 - $100 (average $15)

4 Ways:

  1. Skinny distressed jeans, cropped leather jacket, rocker bracelet, cocktail ring, cheetah print heels
  2. Leather skirt, suspenders, stripped blazer, statement necklace, mint green heels, ponytail
  3. Graphic print pants, orange cropped blazer, strappy wedge sandals, door knocker earrings
  4. Leather shorts, white blazer, art deco earrings, floral high heel sandals, pink lips, wild curly hair



The Wonderful World of Poshmark

TGIF fashionistas!

So, I just can't get off that money-saving train of thought from last week. As the belt squeezes tighter, and I waste away wait patiently to break out of money prison like Django reach my financial goals, I am honing my skills as a true fiscal fashionista, a bargain bunny. (<-- I made that up, but it's brilliant!) To that end, I've not only add clothing rental and subscription boxes to my bargain-hunting arsenal.. I've discovered the wonderful world of Poshmark!



What it is and how it works

Poshmark is basically the clothing co-op of your dreams. It's an online marketplace for buying and selling clothes, shoes, and accessories. There's an iphone and ipad app! 

Everyone has had clothes in their closet that they don't wear anymore (or have never worn) right? And I'm sure all of you have wanted to make some extra money off of those clothes, either to buy new ones that you will wear or for some other (amazing, important, brilliant) reason. I certainly have. Thing is, it's really inconvenient for me in New Orleans, because I don't always have the time or the inclination to drive down to Buffalo Exchange -- or whatever other buy-and-sell boutique I think will take my stuff -- and stand in line. Not to mention the ever-present challenge of some boutiques not being able to handle my bodaciously curvy, large sized clothes! (I can't tell you the number of places that don't carry large sizes and aren't interested in buying them.) 

All those problems are solved with Poshmark. Instead of finding a reputable place to buy your oh-so-fashonable cast-offs, or waiting for a clothing swap meet, you can sell, shop, and buy from the privacy of your own home.  You start by creating a short profile on the website, which connects to facebook. Start shopping and posting your own clothes for sale and you're off! 

The High Points

  •  Posting clothes for sale is easy and there's "Covershot", an instagram-like function on the app that lets add filters and effects to make your fabulous sale items look even more fab! 
  • The "Poshmark Promise" is a satisfaction guarantee that Poshmark will make everyone from buyer to seller happy and safe.
  • Sellers ship up to 2 lbs free with pre-paid shipping labels sent for each purchase. All you have to do is pack it and get it to the mailbox. 
  • Poshmark pays all credit-card processing fees so that you can take credit card payments for your sold items. No fees to withdraw your money from Poshmark once the sale is made. 
  • Use your credits and redeemable balance from your sales to buy fashion on Poshmark.
  • Poshmark protects buyers by not delivering payment until you verify you have received the items you bought.
  • Poshmark does all the customer support work for transactions. No dealing with the customer for you! (<-- As someone who's worked in retail, this is a reason to CELEBRATE!! #twerkmode)
  • Poshmark hosts themed group sales called "parties". You can add your items for sale to any party to increase their visibility. These also turn out to be a great place to start shopping.
  • Poshmark is linked into all the major social networks - facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter. In fact, you link your facebook account to the site and app and it will let you know which ones of your facebook friends have been holding out on you! The more people you follow, the more closets you can shop.
  • Poshmark has a "shop my closet" widget for fashion bloggers. Yay! 

The Low Points

  •  There is no android app for Poshmark. I repeat, there is no android app for Poshmark. Noooooo app. None. Annnd... the app is the only way that you can post items for sale. At this point, all my android fashionistas must be making a gas face. I'm with you ladies, I'm one of you. But before you start marching on the apple store chanting GIVE US FREE... consider that you can still shop! And of course, like most apple-locked sites, they SWEAR they're busily working on an app for android and it'll come out anytime soon... 
  • Poshmark charges a whopping 20% on your sale as a "commission fee". Remember that margin when you price your items! To be fair, however, that is the only fee that is charged. Unlike paypal and others that have multiple fees, Poshmark only has one. A big one. 
  • 1-2 week shipping time for items!! What is this, 2002? 
  • Buyers pay shipping, which is a flat rate of 4.99 for items 25$ and above and 6.99 for anything else. Poshmark ships to the US only. 
  • Poshmark assumes that you received the shipment and all was well if they don't hear from you 3 days after the order was scheduled to be received. What's that old saying about assumptions again?
  • No return policy! Damaged, missing, wrong, and fraudulent items will basically be handled on a case by case basis. You have to contact customer support to get all that going.
  • You can't change your username after you pick it, so pick wisely.

My Poshmark Feed

So there it is, my breakdown of the wonderful world of poshmark. I hope that it becomes another tool in your bargain bag-o-tricks! Are you a poshmarker? Love it or hate it, share your thoughts with us on facebook or the comment box below! 

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