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DIY: Rotating Jewelry Display

Image from

Hi Fashionistas! I ran across this super cool DIY project from Life Ann Style . It's a fairly easy project that should cost less than $10! You can use cool plates from the thrift store and you can customize it for your particular needs. The girl in the video uses it for nail polish also, which I personally love. I love DIY and I'll post my pics on this project later. Also, I'll be showing you how to make a custom wall display for jewelry and accessories later this month.

She also has detailed step- by- step insturctions with material lists. Enjoy and Happy Monday!


7 Heavenly Fashion Trends... for Fall 2013! 

As September is knocking on our door, we need to be prepared for the fashion industry's favorite season: Fall. It's a great time to pull out all of your fashion pieces and layer up. Fall fashion separates the average from the truly fashionable. Fall and Winter fashion take effort and savvy to coordinate while remaining functionally warm and visually stylish. So, we've decided to help you by picking our top 7 trends for fall 2013.

Don't worry, some of these trends you already have in your closet since they've been hot almost year round like leather and emerald. Other note worthy trends that didn't make the cut were shades of blue, army & military inspired, plaids, and knit hats. Overall, I'm noticing strong structural elements to all of the new Fall 2013 trends. Clean lines and sophisticated colors and patterns. Very Olivia Pope. Check out and let us know what you think in the comments section, Instagram, or Facebook.


  1. 50 Shades of Gray
  2. Crazy Big Coats
  3. Suit Up
  4. Leather Love
  5. Thigh High Boots
  6. Winter White
  7. Emerald Green




What to Wear When: You Have a Job Interview

By Sean McGrathIt seems like everyone around me is on the hunt for a job! What does that mean for me? Providing a lot of advice on resumes, cover-letters and, yes, interview fashion. For those of you who read my post about workwear, you'll notice that how you dress once you have a job is very different from how you dress to get a job. What kind of sense does that make? OK, that's valid, but I don't make the rules! I'm just here to make sure you know them.

Look for professional separates. Suits are great, easy ways to pull together a professional look and, for some positions, an absolute necessity. But if your interview is in a more casual office, separates are a great way to create a more stylish look, while sticking to the neutral color scheme suggested by hiring experts. Think of mixing a camel-colored blazer with navy pants. If you’re more adventurous (and the office even more casual), you may decide on a printed top, skirt or pants, balanced out with solids. Select items with modern cuts and details to project style without looking young or Bree

Find a good tailor or seamstress. If you discard everything else in this post, please pay attention to this. The difference between looking stylish and frumpy is often the good work of a great tailor. Whether you buy a new suit or just a new blazer to wear with something you already own, it won’t fit perfectly right off the shelf. For instance, if you’re buying a blazer, make sure it fits properly through the shoulders, can be buttoned without pulling and isn’t too short in the sleeves. As long as you have too much fabric, rather than too little, your tailor can very easily alter the blazer to fit you like a glove. That custom fit adds a level of polish and style that is simply unachievable right off the Bree

Use color smartly and sparingly. There is an inverse relationship between how formal you need to dress and how much color you should wear to an interview. In the most formal business environments, you may not be able to get away with anything, but if the office is business casual, try adding a stylish flair with a scarf or pocket square or perhaps even a blouse. Stick with cool colors, such as green or blue. A survey by The Ladders showed that executives responded negatively to interviewees wearing orange, red and bree

Accessorize with elegance. I love big, chunky, statement-making jewelry, but for an important interview, leave the cuffs and feathers at home. Pearls are a great option, and nicely complement a neutral palette. If you have a delicate necklace you never seem to have occasion to wear, now is it’s time. Stick with your fine jewelry, and keep it simple. Don’t layer up on necklaces, bracelets or rings. Keep it simple. Bonus: For a fun pop of color you can actually get away with, accessorize with a brightly colored handbag.

By Sean McgrathKeep your makeup professional. Now is not the time to try a smoky eye and falsies. Instead, wear a natural eyeshadow (look for something that is pretty close to your natural skin tone), pencil eyeliner and mascara for your eyes. Be sure to have you eyebrows groomed in advance! Foundation, a subtle blush and finishing powder is about all you’ll want for your face. No need for excessive contouring. Finish your look with a nude lipstick or gloss, and you’ll be good to go. The great thing about this look is that it’s simple enough to wear to work every day.

Choose the right shoes. Practical, attractive shoes can be hard to find, but you need them in your life. Wearing a five inch heel to an interview just isn’t a good look, even if they’re close-toed black pumps. Keep your heel height practical. As far as what type of shoe is appropriate, I like to stick with a basic pump to be safe, but peeptoes and slingbacks can be OK for more casual offices. Sandals, flip-flops, platforms and espadrilles, however, are never OK.

Miscellaneous grooming. Earlier I mentioned to be sure to have your eyebrows groomed before an interview, but they aren’t the only things that need grooming. Got a little peach fuzz on your lip or chin? Handle that.

While we're discussing body hair, let's spend a moment on your legs. If you're going to wear a skirt or dress, shave your legs. And then cover them with a pair of shear hose. I know it feels old-fashioned, but many hiring managers will still frown on bare legs, even in 2013.

Plan on wearing a peeptoe shoe? You need a pedicure—and not just any old pedi, either. Make sure you have your toenails cut short, squared off and polished a neutral color. Save the electric blue for after you get hired! Your nails should be a professional length, and match the color you selected for your toes. No nail art. Bree

Hair. For an interview, your hair should be neat, relatively simple and unadorned. Follow the same basic principles as my advice on at work hair, keeping in mind that you may want to put in a little extra effort since you’re making a first impression.


The Gathered Fashion Spread (July 21, 2013): Super Sunday Edition!

We've been busy here at The Gathered Lady attending all sorts of fabulous events. Just this Friday we were at the 2013 LA Fashion Corner Red Carpet Event and Charity Fashion Show "Caring with Style". We know your dying to here about the event, so check back tomorrow for our recap and fashion highlights. For today, we're sharing our favorite fashion from the night. This crowd was truly fashion forward- check them out!

Do you and your friends have style when you go out and about? Submit your fierce pictures to and you may make our Gathered Fashion Spread!  

Style. You have it. We Love it. 

(L) Khaleah Bradshaw/ (R) Kenya Jametta, CEO of LA Emerging Designers

(L) Ricki Morris of Visionary Style/ (C) Monet Lamb, 1st African Woman Fashion Truck Owner/ (R) Angelique Bates, Actress & Recording Artist

(C) Bree of The Gathered Lady(C) Amber, blogger Amberwavesofstyle(R.1st) Terita Malone, Talent Director of TM models

Do you have a gathered event you would love for us to attend and share the fashionable experience in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, or New Orleans? If so, send us an email to or invite us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @ TheGatheredLady!


Dating & Mating: A Gathered Man's Guide to Dressing on a First Date 

Happy Monday! Today I am hoping that life imitates art because I have had several recent experiences of men showing up to first dates either looking or behaving in an ungathered fashion. Despite their visual offenses, these men had no malicious intent. But nonetheless, they were poorly dressed for the first date. If you're a loyal reader, you know I wrote a post for women on the same subject matter: How to dress on a First Date. Now, the messages men are sending on first dates are totally different than women, but we'll get into all of that in a bit...

Trust us when we say that 'all the single ladies' would prefer if single men use this guide for dressing on a first date. If there's one thing the staff at The Gathered Lady know, it's fashion and what gathered women like. And to our lovely fashionistas reading this, feel free to forward and share the link to every man you know! 

Our top voted look by our readers: Business Professional's Event/Mixer/Happy Hour 

She's wearing any of these!


If you're a professional single in your late 20's, 30's or 40's you may likely have dates after work. This look still holds sex appeal, and can shift from office to happy hour/mixer with the addition of a crisp blazer and your debonair cologne. These dates are mid-range price point for professionals who can afford a round or two of cocktails and/or appetizers or dinner for a cost at or above $80.


Here are some general rules to follow:

1. Don't dress like a slob: That statement seems so obvious, but it's the number one complaint women have. Slobsville doesn't only mean dressing like the local homeless guy. It's also when your look has an apparent lack of effort. It's found in the details.  Women report the following issues as slobville territory:

  • wearing hats/baseball/basketball hats (without explicitly attending a sports event)
  • tennis shoes (without playing a sport/attending a sporting event/active activity)
  • sleeveless shirts and wife-beaters
  • graphic T's with offensive and silly slogans
  • baggy pants
  • poor hygiene
  • gym clothes
  • flip flops

2. Don't dress too trendy: As a man you want to dress so that you don't lose points. When gathered women dress for a date, we already know you are sexually interested in us and we aim to make you more attracted to us while balancing your level of respect. Women work on a deduction system when judging men -- we start off with a certain value/attraction and then from there deduct value/attraction based on things we observe. We remain interested if you dress appropriately and our attraction is increased by your positive behaviors on the date. However, if you fail to dress well, the chemistry begins to rapidly die even before you display any behaviors. We're talking major setback here, guys. Your best bet is to avoid setting off any triggers for disinterest. Many fads can set off a woman's alarms.

  • extra tight skinny jeans- gaydar alarm goes off
  • very baggy pants- ghetto alarm
  • army camouflage- crazy or trashy alarm
  • muscle shirts- jerk/douche/meathead alarm
  • sports jerseys- loser/frat boy alarm
  • too much jewelry- cheesy/player alarm

 3. Don't forget the essentials:

You can score bonus points and stay in her good graces if you wear the following items provided they are occasion-appropriate for your particular date:

  • A watch- Women love watches. It shows that you probably have to be on time for something. And possibly have a job in which you try to be responsible and timely for.
  • Casual and dress shoes: It doesn't bode well when grown men only own tennis shoes.
  • A casual jacket or blazer: It adds sophistication to almost any outfit and is better than your college sweatshirt.
  • Money: Cash is sexy. Don't ever go on a date without your plastic and at least $50 in cash. Yes, $50. It's 2013 and this site is for gathered women. So that price point is reasonable for a good time with a sophisticated top-quality woman.
  • Cologne: Women adore men who smell good. You can earn MAJOR sex appeal points here.
  • A CLEAN car & car keys: I don't care if you borrowed a set of keys for the evening. It looks better than bus tokens. And if we are riding in your car- stop at the car wash and invest 50 cents in a quick carpet vacuum.

Now that the basic rules are covered. Bring your 'A game' with your gentlemanly behavior, see The Gathered Man's Guide to a First Date and choose your outfit.

Date Option 1: Lunch date, Movie date, Casual Date (Pool, Bowling, Miniature Golf)

She's wearing this! This look is perfect for men dating in their early 20's. These dates are generally cost conscious with price points less than $60. You can opt for dark denim jeans, a button down shirt with short sleeves and casual scent for easy going fun.




Date Option 2: Live music concert, Art walk or Show

She's wearing this!If you picked this type of date, you've already got a strong "Cool" factor going. Be sure to take that edge and rock a little bit of masculine man jewelry like a necklace or a skull and bones money clip. This look balances casual comfort with effort and style just like her edgy and sexy outfit. This date, much like the clothes offer a range in terms of price point ($60-$150).



Date option 3: Park Picnic, Flea Market, Beach, Outdoor Activity

She's wearing this!Here is your opportunity to have a carefree and casual date while still showing your excellent taste and sophistication. A picnic, the beach, or flea market is the ideal time to wear shorts and use that axe or old spice you have lying around. This date's price point is very low (less than $40) and your clothes can reflect the simplicity of the date without setting off the cheapskate alarm (one of the most deadly warning signs to a gathered woman). If you have a messenger bag, this is a great time to pull it out and fill it with picnic snacks, a blanket, or your flea market finds.


Date Option 4: Cocktail event, Fancy Dinner date, Theatre

She's wearing this!5000+ bonus points for you if this your first date. You are certainly taking a very gathered woman out and you're aiming to impress her. This outfit will achieve that. You'll look quite daper with cufflinks and a boss ring. And don't forget the hair pomade to show your superior grooming skills. This date is for a man with comfortable means at a price point of at least $100 and upwards.


 Now that you've got your handy list of options and price ranges, the rest is up to you. Don't forget the gathered man behavior which is the most essential part of the date. Compliment your date, be chivalrous, respectful, and your charming self! Now go get 'em tiger! And ladies- share, share, share this article!

Do you have a first date that doesn't fit into these categories? Need help? Write us at and we'll help you figure out great styling for a first date. Do you have pictures of your first date outfit that rocks? Email or tag us on facebook, twitter, or instagram @Thegatheredlady and if we like it, we'll share it!