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1 Piece 4 Ways: Gray T- Shirt

Recently, I made a random purchase of a gray V-neck T-shirt on sale from Old Navy for $4.50. By surprise, I am now'crazy in love' with it and have gone back to buy 2 more of the exact same basic T-shirt, in the exact same color! I know, I'm an admitted fashion addict, but I assure you this was necessary. Not only was the cotton T super comfy to sleep in (and happens to match almost any pair of boxers or night shorts I choose), but it's cute, heat friendly, and sturdy for a work-out shirt also! At this point, I can't tell you how many ways I've styled this shirt. So, I've decided to share my latest fashion obsession with you and 4 easy ways to rock this casual T-shirt in more sophisticated outfits. The best thing about this piece is how it can be dressed up or down in hundreds of ways, and you can get it for as low as $5! Check out this stylish staple and chic ways to rock it:

1 Piece: Basic gray T-shirt

Where to buy: Old Navy,  H & M, Department Stores, Gap, Online

Cost: $5 - $100 (average $15)

4 Ways:

  1. Skinny distressed jeans, cropped leather jacket, rocker bracelet, cocktail ring, cheetah print heels
  2. Leather skirt, suspenders, stripped blazer, statement necklace, mint green heels, ponytail
  3. Graphic print pants, orange cropped blazer, strappy wedge sandals, door knocker earrings
  4. Leather shorts, white blazer, art deco earrings, floral high heel sandals, pink lips, wild curly hair



Dating & Mating: A Gathered Man's Guide to Dressing on a First Date 

Happy Monday! Today I am hoping that life imitates art because I have had several recent experiences of men showing up to first dates either looking or behaving in an ungathered fashion. Despite their visual offenses, these men had no malicious intent. But nonetheless, they were poorly dressed for the first date. If you're a loyal reader, you know I wrote a post for women on the same subject matter: How to dress on a First Date. Now, the messages men are sending on first dates are totally different than women, but we'll get into all of that in a bit...

Trust us when we say that 'all the single ladies' would prefer if single men use this guide for dressing on a first date. If there's one thing the staff at The Gathered Lady know, it's fashion and what gathered women like. And to our lovely fashionistas reading this, feel free to forward and share the link to every man you know! 

Our top voted look by our readers: Business Professional's Event/Mixer/Happy Hour 

She's wearing any of these!


If you're a professional single in your late 20's, 30's or 40's you may likely have dates after work. This look still holds sex appeal, and can shift from office to happy hour/mixer with the addition of a crisp blazer and your debonair cologne. These dates are mid-range price point for professionals who can afford a round or two of cocktails and/or appetizers or dinner for a cost at or above $80.


Here are some general rules to follow:

1. Don't dress like a slob: That statement seems so obvious, but it's the number one complaint women have. Slobsville doesn't only mean dressing like the local homeless guy. It's also when your look has an apparent lack of effort. It's found in the details.  Women report the following issues as slobville territory:

  • wearing hats/baseball/basketball hats (without explicitly attending a sports event)
  • tennis shoes (without playing a sport/attending a sporting event/active activity)
  • sleeveless shirts and wife-beaters
  • graphic T's with offensive and silly slogans
  • baggy pants
  • poor hygiene
  • gym clothes
  • flip flops

2. Don't dress too trendy: As a man you want to dress so that you don't lose points. When gathered women dress for a date, we already know you are sexually interested in us and we aim to make you more attracted to us while balancing your level of respect. Women work on a deduction system when judging men -- we start off with a certain value/attraction and then from there deduct value/attraction based on things we observe. We remain interested if you dress appropriately and our attraction is increased by your positive behaviors on the date. However, if you fail to dress well, the chemistry begins to rapidly die even before you display any behaviors. We're talking major setback here, guys. Your best bet is to avoid setting off any triggers for disinterest. Many fads can set off a woman's alarms.

  • extra tight skinny jeans- gaydar alarm goes off
  • very baggy pants- ghetto alarm
  • army camouflage- crazy or trashy alarm
  • muscle shirts- jerk/douche/meathead alarm
  • sports jerseys- loser/frat boy alarm
  • too much jewelry- cheesy/player alarm

 3. Don't forget the essentials:

You can score bonus points and stay in her good graces if you wear the following items provided they are occasion-appropriate for your particular date:

  • A watch- Women love watches. It shows that you probably have to be on time for something. And possibly have a job in which you try to be responsible and timely for.
  • Casual and dress shoes: It doesn't bode well when grown men only own tennis shoes.
  • A casual jacket or blazer: It adds sophistication to almost any outfit and is better than your college sweatshirt.
  • Money: Cash is sexy. Don't ever go on a date without your plastic and at least $50 in cash. Yes, $50. It's 2013 and this site is for gathered women. So that price point is reasonable for a good time with a sophisticated top-quality woman.
  • Cologne: Women adore men who smell good. You can earn MAJOR sex appeal points here.
  • A CLEAN car & car keys: I don't care if you borrowed a set of keys for the evening. It looks better than bus tokens. And if we are riding in your car- stop at the car wash and invest 50 cents in a quick carpet vacuum.

Now that the basic rules are covered. Bring your 'A game' with your gentlemanly behavior, see The Gathered Man's Guide to a First Date and choose your outfit.

Date Option 1: Lunch date, Movie date, Casual Date (Pool, Bowling, Miniature Golf)

She's wearing this! This look is perfect for men dating in their early 20's. These dates are generally cost conscious with price points less than $60. You can opt for dark denim jeans, a button down shirt with short sleeves and casual scent for easy going fun.




Date Option 2: Live music concert, Art walk or Show

She's wearing this!If you picked this type of date, you've already got a strong "Cool" factor going. Be sure to take that edge and rock a little bit of masculine man jewelry like a necklace or a skull and bones money clip. This look balances casual comfort with effort and style just like her edgy and sexy outfit. This date, much like the clothes offer a range in terms of price point ($60-$150).



Date option 3: Park Picnic, Flea Market, Beach, Outdoor Activity

She's wearing this!Here is your opportunity to have a carefree and casual date while still showing your excellent taste and sophistication. A picnic, the beach, or flea market is the ideal time to wear shorts and use that axe or old spice you have lying around. This date's price point is very low (less than $40) and your clothes can reflect the simplicity of the date without setting off the cheapskate alarm (one of the most deadly warning signs to a gathered woman). If you have a messenger bag, this is a great time to pull it out and fill it with picnic snacks, a blanket, or your flea market finds.


Date Option 4: Cocktail event, Fancy Dinner date, Theatre

She's wearing this!5000+ bonus points for you if this your first date. You are certainly taking a very gathered woman out and you're aiming to impress her. This outfit will achieve that. You'll look quite daper with cufflinks and a boss ring. And don't forget the hair pomade to show your superior grooming skills. This date is for a man with comfortable means at a price point of at least $100 and upwards.


 Now that you've got your handy list of options and price ranges, the rest is up to you. Don't forget the gathered man behavior which is the most essential part of the date. Compliment your date, be chivalrous, respectful, and your charming self! Now go get 'em tiger! And ladies- share, share, share this article!

Do you have a first date that doesn't fit into these categories? Need help? Write us at and we'll help you figure out great styling for a first date. Do you have pictures of your first date outfit that rocks? Email or tag us on facebook, twitter, or instagram @Thegatheredlady and if we like it, we'll share it!


How to Take Your Makeup from Day to Night


By messybessyhairart from Flickr

We've all found ourselves with less time than we'd like to get ready for a fun night out. And while showing up fashionably late may be an option, it has its limits. Fortunately, if you don't have time to scrub your face clean and start from scratch, you don't have to. Save some time with these tips on how to glam up your day look fast.

1. Freshen up your skin. Blotting papers are your best friend. Use them to soak up excess oil in your T-zone and around your nose. If your eye shadow is creasing (time for a new primer!) you can wrap the paper around your index finger and smooth it over your crease to pick up the excess oil and clear out any clumped eye shadow. Blotting will remove some of your foundation, so spot cover any blemishes with a liquid foundation or a concealer that matches your skin tone. Don’t go for another full layer of foundation, unless you want to look like you applied it with a spatula.

By by its all about Lizzie... from Flickr2. Accentuate your eyes. The best way to glam up any look is with dramatic eye makeup. If you aren’t wearing eye shadow, start off with a primer. Otherwise, you can easily play up your existing look by deepening the colors you’re already wearing. Try wetting your brush to get a more dramatic color on your eyelid, and select a darker shade for your crease. Carefully fill in (and if necessary, lengthen) your eyebrows to create a finished look. Swipe on some liquid eyeliner and a fresh coat of mascara and don’t skip the eyelash curler.

3. Highlight your bone structure. This step is super easy. Refresh your blush, do a little contouring with your favorite bronzer, and sweep on some highlighter to make your face glow. Since you probably don’t rock anything besides blush during the day, you can act like you’re working from a completely fresh face.

4. Glam up your lips. A pop of color or a little shimmer will go a long way towards making you look ready to party. In fact, If you have time for nothing else, blot your nose, slap on your favorite shade of red and go.

5. Don’t forget the finishing powder. This is going to fight oil, extend the life of your newly refreshed makeup and generally make you look flawless. Brush lightly, grasshopper. The last thing you want is cake face.

By It's Holly on Flickr


How To Rock...the Neon Fashion Trend

Happy Monday! We hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend. If it was a bust, let us cheer you up with a big dose of fashion inspiration! If you read our hot summer trends for 2013 then you already know that neon is big this season. These spicy colors are an easy way to make bold statements with little effort. Several celebrities like Solange, Kim Kardashian, Kristin Stewart, and Zoe Kravitz have sported the neon trend. One of the easiest and more powerful ways to use neon is in the shoes. All fashionistas know that the shoe can make or break an outfit, so if you wear the right shoe you can set your style on fire. 

In addition to a neon shoe, accessories like purses and necklaces in neon are perfect for pops of color. See the following outfits we put together for style inspiration!

This outfit can be paired with several different styles of shoes to be dressed up or down!

Pairing multiple solid neon colors is sophisticated.

Changing from neon flats to neon heels is a easy way to shift from work to play.
Steal the scene and look like a rock star mixing leather and neon. Do you have pictures rocking the Neon trend in a stylish way? Share your pictures with us on at or tag us @thegatheredlady on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and if we like it, we'll share it!


How to Rock... Printed Pants

This weekend my sister dragged me downtown for some retail therapy. Somehow, I was the only one to actually spend any money, and among my spoils were two pairs of printed pants. Printed trousers, jeans and shorts are all the rage right now, but they can also be intimidating to wear. Below are some things to keep in mind when creating a fabulous outfit with your fabulous pants.
By Lauren H. Craig

1. Cuts & fabrics. Before you start putting outfits together, you should be mindful of how the cut and fabric of your pants will impact the rest of your look. It’s easy to focus on finding colors that look good together without considering how the cut of the clothes will impact your silhouette. Are they wide-legged or skinnys? Or leggings? Denim or Silk? Cotton or linen? Believe me, this stuff matters. For instance, loose, silk pants look good with structured tops, blazers and jackets, while flowing tops are more easily paired with fitted, ankle-skimming trousers and jeans. Now, these basic rules can definitely be broken, but if you’re looking for a place to start, they are solid principles.

Tommy Hilfiger

2. Solids and color blocking. The easiest way to wear printed pants is by pairing them with solids. A simple denim shirt or white, cotton button up looks great with many different styles and prints. You can also layer your solids by adding a blazer or leather (or denim!) jacket. You can select a top that matches an accent color in your pants or try pairing contrasting colors, such as an orange top with patterned pants dominated by green.

3. Neutrals. If you feel a little unsure about experimenting with color, try soft, subtle neutrals first. There are hundreds of different shades and they can be paired with any pattern. You can also try a toned-down printed pant for a monochromatic look (you can rock this look with color, if you’re feeling feisty).

4. The pantsuit. And I’m not talking about Hillary’s favorite power outfit. These new matching sets feature bold, fresh prints in large geometric and floral designs. Most women will opt to break these pieces up, but worn together, they can make for a striking fashion statement. Make sure the pattern is flattering (small patterns or patterns with too much open background space can make you look larger), and try breaking things up by wearing the blazer open with a white top.

5. Pattern mixing. Wearing your printed pants with printed tops reaches the highest level of fashion difficulty, but there are a couple of different ways to pull this look off. To start, go back to your neutral, monochrome look and swap out that solid top for a neutral top with a print similar to the size and shape of the pattern on your pants (remember, you can treat animal print like it’s a neutral, but be careful about mixing two of them). When you feel comfortable, try pulling off this twist on the monochromatic look with color. Below, Solange shows us what successful print mixing looks like (ignoring, for the moment, that her pants are far too long and she's about to ruin the hem of those gorgeous pants. Get thee to a tailor, immediately!). Notice how she breaks up the patterns with slacks that are mostly black, but feature printed panels.