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How to Rock... the Panel Dress

The panel dress takes the art of illusion to a new--and fabulous--level. Gaining popularity in the last couple of years, it exaggerates curves (in the good way), while being versatile enough to be appropriate for just about any occasion. I’ve read that they can make you look up to two sizes smaller, and while that particular claim sounds a bit optimistic to me, this dress style will make you look great, as long as you know how to wear it properly.

I recently purchased this version of the panel dress by Voir.

To successfully rock the panel dress, you need to remember that the statement piece of this outfit is the dress itself. The lines of the dress are specifically designed to draw the eye and keep it moving from top to bottom, making you look taller, leaner and gorgeous. You don’t want to do anything that breaks up those lines, which means no heavy sweaters or blazers. You also don’t want to distract the eye with too much jewelry. You may have noticed my intense love of big cuffs and bracelets, but this look calls for more restraint when it comes to the accessories. Remember, you want all eyes on your dress (and how banging your curves look in it), so all of your choices should support that goal. Think thin earrings with some length to them that emphasize your neck and shoulders, along with a delicate bracelet. If you absolutely must have an added pop of color, your shoes are a good place to get it. Focus on a tall pump that will elongate your legs instead of a strappy shoe that will cut you off at the ankles. Snag a clutch on the way out the door, and you’re all set! If you want to see just how amazing this look can be when pulled off, check out Kate Winslet looking quite radiant in Stella McCartney.

Do you have a panel dress that makes your curves pop? Send a picture of how you rock this trend to, and if we love it, we'll share it!


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