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Last Minute DIY Costume Ideas For Cheap! 

Happy Friday Fashionistas! *Ahem*

Darkness falls across the land... the midnight hour is close at hand... and creatures crawl in search of blood... to terrorize ya'lls neighborhood.... 

Ok, you get where I was going with that right? It's almost Halloween! If this is your bag, then this post is for you. Gathered ladies need gathered costumes, and I don't know if you've noticed, but the price on those bad boys is rising higher than inflation! I'm guilty of purchasing a pricey costume this year (so that hubby and I could dance the night away as Cersei and Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones), but you don't have to because I found this absolutely fantastic video from the lovely and gathered Andrea of AndreasChoice on youtube to help ya'll out with amazing looking last-minute DIY costume ideas for cheap! Thanks Andrea!

Ladies, check out below, and don't forget to send us pics! 


How to Rock... Gathered Sleepwear 

Happy Friday Fashionistas! On this fine day, I want to draw attention to a key area which, many times, is often left ungathered: sleepwear. What are you wearing to bed, these days? Be honest... is it a mangy garment? A holy night shirt? Old gym shorts? Or worse? Relax. I'm not judging you. Once upon a time, that was my MO too. But I changed all of that, and getting married had nothing  to do with it, as I'm sure many married gathered ladies can attest to. All too often, it's the comfort of marriage that lulls you from leaving your hot, sexy, gathered night game at the door in exchange for whatever faded, stretched out clothing is available from the discard pile. 

Well look no further! I am here to at least submit to you for your consideration some elements of a gathered sleepwear wardrobe. There are so many types of wonderful options to sleep in that will leave you comfortable, refreshed in the morning, enticing to your sleep buddy--or whatever you want to do instead of sleep buddy-- , and gathered in the morning. Using these guidelines get ready to get beauty rest, indeed. 

1. Robe Game 

"Le Robe" by dannigirl1980 on Polyvore

Let's talk about robe game. I hate to sound like my mom --who is a gathered lady and appallingly right about such things-- but every gathered lady needs a robe. There, I said it. Robes are great for use when lounging around the house and for getting ready for an important event (formal evening, wedding) because you don't want to spill makeup on your clothes and they won't mess up your hair since they don't go over your head. Also, when there are guests in the house, it's more decent and respectful to wear a robe over your unbound bazinga boobs!! (<-- A rule I live by!) Perhaps the best thing about robes is their diversity. There's one for every girl out there, and for men too. Whether you like long, short, terry, silk, satin, kimono, lace, summer, or winter, there is a robe with your name on it. Personally, I own about 5, not including my husband's hooded robe, which I steal all the time. (What? I haven't had a chance to buy myself one.) 

2. Slipper Game "Slippers" by dannigirl1980 on Polyvore

I shouldn't have to work very hard to convince you why a fly pair of slippers will step up your sleepwear. Hello? They're shoes!! I'm willing to hazard a guess that most of our readership doesn't need much cajoling to get out there and go showe shopping. Hell, I would have finished this post an hour ago if I hadn't gotten distracted by salsa shoes on sale on Amazon! Get out there, and make yourself happy. 

3. Nightgowns, Night Shirts, Panties, Oh My! "Nighttime ZZZ" by dannigirl1980 on Polyvore

Nightgowns and nightshirts are my personal faves to wear to bed -- what you wear under them.. if anything.. is a matter of personal choice. Sexy, comfy, and forgiving, this sleepwear is also diverse enough to appeal to anyone. From graphic designs to slik and satin, from long to short, and from long sleeved to spaghetti strapped, the main concern with these items is to learn to keep a careful eye on maintenance. If it's getting faded, it torn, has a hole, or has shrunk... get rid of it. I realize that what I'm saying has probably elicited gasps of dismay, but it's necessary to stay gathered. Besides, there's always a new favorite piece waiting out there in the shops! 

4. Pajamas "PJs" by dannigirl1980 on Polyvore

Some say pjs are the "comfort food" of sleepwear.  To that I say "nom, nom, nom." Once again, pjs are a matter of self-expression. Just ensure that they're not faded, stained, stretched, torn, or worse, and you're good to go! Pair these with slippers and a robe and Go. To. Town. 

5. Sleep Accessories "Sleepytime" by dannigirl1980 on Polyvore

 Once you're wearing the right thing, it's time to let the sandman in. That's where cool and gathered sleep accessories come in. A gathered woman's boudoir is her sanctuary, and a place where she can calm herself and rest. What's your nighttime environment like? Try for calm, meditative, uncluttered, and stylish. I can personally recommend that a good sleep mask, a cup of tea before bed, and a little aromatherapy goes a long way towards la-la land. Try it out and see for yourself - your bedroom is an area of the house that others don't see, but the time investment to set it up properly is not time wasted! YOU (and your hot homie-lover-friend) will have a chance to enjoy all that serenity. Go for it! 


Ahem, you may have noticed that the very important category of lingerie was not covered in today's post... while it is certainly gathered sleepwear, it's in a category all its own. We'll tackle that in another post! 

So, what do you think? Did we get it right? Have any gathered sleepwear tips to share? Tell us on facebook, twitter, or email! If we like it, we'll post it! 


How to Rock the Fishtail Braid 

Happy Friday Fashionistas! I, intrepid blogger that I am, have put Tropical Storm Karen preparations on hold to being you a quick post on how to rock one of my favorite hairstyles to lust over. I say lust over, because I have NEVER worn this style - braiding is one of my kryptonite skillsets. That is to say, I don't braid very well! (I can barely re-do a box braid that fell out and I cannot cornrow to save my life!)

Ah, the fishtail braid. Le poisson braide! Zut alors! Please forgive my lapse into ecstatic French, but I was poetic over this braid, which can be worn messily or neatly, and is appropriate for everything from the office to the club and in between. This braid, which has been on trend for awhile now, is often rocked by celebs and starlets. 


Beautiful. Sophisticated. Seductive.

But how does one accomplish this? It's not like I can tell you, but I checked youtube, and found a simple video that will have you rocking fishtail braids at will. As soon as you learn you can come to my house and do my hair...



How to rock Earthy and Bohemian Style: Boho Chic

Recently I've been doing a lot of personal styling and make-over for friends and fashion clients. One of the styles that is greatly misinterpreted and highly requested of many of these women is bohemian style, often referred to as "earthy, beachy, hippy, mother-earth, or natural". The problem with some of these terms is that there is often a negative connotation to them (i.e. ungroomed hippy-nature woman). This evokes mental pictures of eccentric women with wild hair, mounds of drab-drapey clothing, a tambourine, and granola shoes. This doesn't have to be! One of the best modern examples of fabulous Boho-Chic (emphasis on Chic!) is Nicole Richie. Her use of draping, colors, vintage, and hippy wear is well balanced and crazy cute!

But there are several ungathered ways this look is carried out. Maybe I'll save that for another article, but I'll give you the ungathered highlights as well as a few gathered recommendations:

Do Not

  • Wear extremely oversized clothes. Yes, Boho Chic is often flowy cuts and draping, but that should not mean you look like you can fit 2 small kids in your clothes.
  • Only wear long peasant skirts, maxi dresses, and knit-wear. This is as crazy as people who only wear leather. It's overkill.
  • Let your appreciation for more "natural beauty" turn into poor hygiene and grooming. Mascara, a brush, Lip Balm/Gloss, and accessories make a world of difference in adding the "chic" to Boho-Chic.
  • Neglect ward-robe essentials and structured clothes. In order to be a versatile gathered woman, you'll need basics like dark denim jeans, slacks, and other structured pieces. There are always ways to put Boho touches on almost any look.
  • Wear flip flops 24/7. Comfotable and cute shoes can be a little bit of a challenge, but don't let that translate into laziness by wearing sneakers, uggs, crocs, and other weather/occasion inappropriate shoes that will make your look fashion unfriendly.

 Do Try: 

  • Mixing simple prints in moderation and working up to bolder prints. Prints are an easy way to add Boho style.
  • Vintage wear. It can add charm to your look and fashion diva points to your rep!
  • Colors. Just because the term is "earthy" doesn't mean you need to stick to brown, tan, cream, and green. The earth has every shade!
  • Jewelry. This can be a big misconception about Earthy style. Accessories is actually a major part of this esthetic. Try rocking turquoise, crystals, gems and minerals, bangles, hoops, or feathers!
  • Strappy Sandals, Toms, Ankle Boots, Ballet Flats, and Retro and Vintage heels to meet your footwear needs.

Here a few examples of some Boho Styles that can be rocked to various occasions!

To Work

Bohemian Outfit #1



To Semi-Formal/Dressy Event

Bohemian Outfit #2



To A Date

Bohemian Outfit #3



To Shop/Casual

Bohemian Outfit #4



To Outdoor Event in the Fall

bohemian outfit #5



To Music Concert/Party

Bohemian #6



Do You have amazing Boho Chic style? If so, we'd love to see it! Share your photos with us at or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @ TheGaheredLady and if we like it, we'll share it!


How to Rock... the DIY Nail Trend 

Happy Friday Fashionistas! Well ladies, I am back after an amazing birthday last week. My gift to myself: a week of pampering - fancy restaurants, housekeeping services, parties, and a fancy weave to top it off. All of this has led me to believe that I was MEANT to live the high life. Too bad my bank account is holding me back! 

For our topic capping off this week's fabulous posts, I have worked some magic to combine Bree's awesome DIY nail polish tower and Charity's manicure maintenance. We are going to cover how to rock THE hottest trend in nails -- the DIY trend! 

Ladies, this trend of women innovating amazing nail designs has exploded all over the internet, with hundreds of pictorials and videos populating Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr, and various blogs. Here are some of the top methods and means to get those gorgeous one of kind nails. Bonus points for being poised in a pinch, because these amazing nails are damn near free using things you have lying around the house! (Unless you buy fresh polish.) 

1. Scotch Tape! 

Scotch tape makes a great stencil. You are limited only by what shapes you can imagine to stencil. Some clever girls put their scrapbooking tools to use -- think patterned scissors and punches. 

32 Amazing DIY Nail Art Ideas Using Scotch Tape

2. Needle! 

Those super fine lines you would need to draw are sometimes best accomplished with a needle, dragged through polish. 

3. Decals

So you can buy decals to place on those nails, but did you know you could easily create your own decals buy cutting shapes out of plastic sandwich bags and then painting them? One clear coat over the plastic, and you have a decal baby! Now go forth and prosper :)

4. Foam Sponge 

Sponge painting might be out in home decorating, but it is most definitely IN for ombre nails! Just dip and dab ladies...dip and dab. 

 Really ladies, this is only the beginning. Get out there and look for yourself! Ladies are using tinsel, drinking straws, cling wrap, toothpicks... you name it. Use your imagination, and yours could be the next pinterest pic with 3,000,000 repins. 

Have a nail design to share? Email us or share with us on facebook, and if we love it, we'll share it!