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Dating & Mating: How to dress for a Thanksgiving date

Happy Friday fashionistas! Fall is in the air, the grocery stores are ripe with plenty, and Turkey Day is right around the corner. It's a great time for life... and love. Speaking of you and your boo, are you planning to spend Thanksgiving together? His family, yours, or both? If you're spending even a few minutes of the holiday with your honey and his family or friends, you've got yourself a Thanksgiving Date situation! 

A little awkward dinner conversation is part of the fun! You look great though. Seriously.

Thanksgiving can be a challenge not only for those trying to manufacture cooking skills (!), but also for those of us headed to a family not their own to spend the holiday. I mean, we know what to expect from Aunt Earlene and Uncle Skeeter at our Thanksgiving, but what's waiting over there at his family's house? Let's face it: Thanksgiving is a holiday often used to introduce or familiarize a significant other to not only immediate family, but also extended family and friends in a "celebratory" atmosphere, but those undercurrents can run deep, and you only get one chance to make a first impression. Gathered ladies that you are, you've poise and sophistication on lock. Gathered ladies that we are, we've got fashion on lock. Let's combine forces and tackle how to dress for your Thanksgiving date. 

Ground Rules

1. Don't go in blind. Investigate! 

In as much as you can, leave nothing to the imagination. Ask your sweetie what the gathered will be like! Time of day, activities, traditions, number of guests, number of kids, indoor or outdor... these can all be helpful hints to ensure that you're dressed not only to impress, but also appropriately. You don't want to show up to a football Thanksgiving gathered dressed in a Chanel suit! You also don't want to wear expensive fragile silk when the ladies always help in the kitchen. The more you know... the easier it is to avoid faux pas. Ask away! 

Thanksgiving Sportsfan


2. Dress Cleverly! 

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to dress cleverly. Clever = smart. Not too provocative, fashion forward, or complicated. What we mean by this is using some techniques like layering, accessorizing, hair, and makeup, you can cleverly play up a more simple outfit. I've been to many types of Thanksgiving gatherings, and one thing I've learned is that complicated outfits don't pay. I've definitely been grateful when I was able to peel off a layer, or take off jewelry or shoes and get more casual, however. (For instance, when playing with kids, needing to sit on the floor, or deciding to go out for a walk.) Leaving an extra pair of casual flats on the car is not a bad idea either, considering what type of celebration you're going to or the length of time you plan on staying. I've even heard of families that change clothes to go outside and play sports or games. 


Thanksgiving - Casual



3. Always bring something! 

This is not exactly a piece of advice about what to wear, but what you bring is part of that overall impression we were talking about. Wine, flowers, cheese, candy, and dessert are easy go-tos. If you're a barefoot contessa type, call ahead and ask about what you can make for the celebration. Leaving folks in a dead swoon over your sweet potato praline surprise will make the best impression ever! Hint: bonus points for recipe sharing! Another fine contribution is a game or activity for others to try. If you're good with kids and enjoy spending time with them, bring something for them to enjoy. All of these things are big winners and show a generous spirit, which will be appreciated. 

Thanksgiving - Formal

Now you have all you need to shock and awe everyone at Thanksgiving with your poise and fabulousness! Did we get it right? Comment below or facebook us your experiences, and if we like, we'll share! 


What to Wear When You Have "Nothing to Wear"

Happy Monday Fashionistas! We've all been there: room full of clothes, closet packed with options, impending deadline to be dressed, overwhlemed and saying "I have Nothing to Wear!"

"Where is my collarless White Fred Segal Shirt?!" (Clueless)This happens to be best of us. Even The Gathered Lady Bree gets lost in a sea of options and personal frustrations. I've outlined a few problem scenarios and handy go to outfit ideas to take the frustration out of these moments. Here are some suggestions:

To Do: 

  • Keep wardrobe basics clean and buy multiples if necessary (I have 3 basic white and gray T's and several black shirts with different collars).
  • Use shoes to create trend power and give your outfit a style lift
  • Accessories are everything. Using them makes people think your outfit took lots of effort.
  • Don't skimp on hair and make-up finishing touches. A ponytail can be sophisticated if groomed properly. Mascara, a wisp of blush, and lip gloss makes a world of different versus a plain dry looking face. A bold lipstick can create the illusion of dramtic timely make-up.


  • Resort to walking around in sportswear/gym clothes all day
  • Haphazardly throw on wrinkled and dirty clothing
  • Wear oversized mounds of clothing to cover and avoid your body. It's beautiful in all it's shapes and sizes and there is always something you can accentuate

 Basics to Buy & Keep: 

  • A pair of dark denim jeans that fit properly
  • A white, gray, and black basic T-shirt
  • A nice blouse in a print and solid color
  • A pair of black pants that fit properly
  • A colorful pair of shoes, purse, clutch, and necklace/earrings/cocktail ring for accents
  • A little black dress
  • A blazer 

Here are 4 scenarios that I hear women struggle with the most. 

Problem #1 I am lazy/sick/too tired to put in effort. This outfit is ideal for casual shopping, errands, possibly running into someone at Target.

What to wear when you have Nothing to Wear 1




Problem #2: "I feel fat/bloated and none of my clothes fit!" This outfit is ideal for a casual date, movies, lunch or dinner with friends.

What to wear when you have Nothing to Wear 2



Problem #3: "I have NOTHING-- No time--- & Must look Nice for this event!" This outfit is ideal for a date, nice dinner, mixer, cocktails, business casual dinner or event. The tights can be exchanged for black jeans or pants. The power of this look is in your grooming, make-up, shoe, hand-bag, and accessories game. Looking "expensive" is a powerful default to fall to. Show off your face, hair, eyes, and accents and keep the clothes very simple.

What to wear when you have "Nothing to Wear" 3



Problem #4: I've got no creative juices left. Only the little black dress remains! The little black dress can be worn to work, play, or casual activities. It's all about the accessories & shoe game!

What to Wear When You Have "Nothing to Wear" 4



Boom! Now you've got options and all of the outfits can be assembled quickly, without specialized undergarments, and are comfy. Did I do a good job? Let us know in the comments below. If you rock one of these versions share it with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter at The Gathered Lady. 


Fashion Lust: Monif C. "Grace" Peplum Tuxedo

Happy Friday Fashionistas! We've got our first cold front down here in New Orleans, and I got to wear a coat and my new banging sweater dress. You know what that means, don't you? The holidays are around the corner, and winter fashion has gone from dream to reality. Winter fashion is place for a curvy, full figured doll like me to really shine! That being said, it's never too early to start planning (read: shopping for) amazing outfits for the formal and semi-formal holiday parties that I attend each year (a socialite's partying is never done). Which brings me to the fashion lust item that I could not get out of my mind the instant I saw it... 

Monif C's "Grace" Peplum Tuxedo

Aw, honey! Trust and believe that I would rock this so well! I just love the cut of the jacket, primed to emphasize the hourglass, and the peplum which adds drama and trend to a classic look.  Attitude galore, and just what I'm looking for, if you'll forgive the rhyme. The price, however, does put a sister in check. 198$ for the jacket and 148$ for the pants for a grand total of 346$! It burns like fire! But am I willing to spend? We shall see... this little number is on pre-order and ships out the first week of the December. One option is to buy only one piece, but where's the fun in that? Ya'll pray with me as I consider what's a girl to do...  

Just one more look! Oh my! 

Well, what do you think? We'd love to see your comments down below or on facebook! 


How to Rock Military Style

Happy Veterans Day! To all the Military personnel who serve our country, your service is priceless and appreciated. Not only do military protect our country, they also inspire pretty hot fashion  (and sometimes lust- yes, men in uniforms are hot!).

One of the major trends on the Fall 2013 runway is military inspired clothing. What I love about these looks, is that it's comprised of clean lines, dark colors (perfect for fall), and has tough androgynous appeal. You don't have to wear camouflage to be military chic (sorry, it just makes me feel very 'People Of Walmart'). Some of the key elements needed to pull of this look and stay sophisticated are: 


  • Mix hard (military wear, leathers, metals) and soft components (satin fabrics, jewelry, make-up)
  • Use an editing eye. Military aesthetic is clean and airy. Reduce the clutter of too many accessories
  • Metallics go great with Navy, Army Green, Cream, and White colors found in military uniforms
  • Purchase essential military style pieces that always come back in fashion (Army style jacket, sailor pants, striped shirts, dog tag necklace, aviator sunglasses)
  • Keep your purse small to medium sized and structured. This isn't the time for Boho satchel bags.


Here are some of my favorite ways to rock the look and still stay chic! 

Military Look 1




Military Fashion 2




Military Look #3




Military Fashion #4



What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Have you rocked this trend and look fierce? Take a pic and share it with us on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at TheGatheredLady. If we love it, we'll share it!


She Rocked It: Big Coats Trend

We love when one of our readers is caught bringing hot fashion to real life. Gathered Lady Deanna did a fabulous job with rocking one of the hottest trends this season  "Big Coats". We listed it in our 7 Heavenly Trends for Fall 2013 post, but have yet to see many women successfully pull of this look.  Check out our trend examples and the catchy way Deanna used color blocking and contrast for a eye-catching combination. Notice her coat is only a half size to one size larger than her frame. The structure of the coat balances the body conscience style of her chic pencil skirt. That's how it's done! Style. You have it. We Love it.

Big Coats from Fall 2013 Fashion Week Runway

 LA Fashionista Deanna

Have you rocked one of our style picks or the hottest trends? If so share your pics with us @ The Gathered Lady on facebook, twitter, or instagram. If we like it, we'll share it.