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Back to Basics: Where to Shop for Curves that Pop! 

Oooh, where does she shop though? Happy Friday Fashionistas! On this special Friday I want to share something special for all my women size 14+. Whether you go by "curvy", "full figured", "plus sized", "thick", "rubenesque" or some other even more obscure moniker, what we all have in common is a certain set of unique shopping challenges.


Honestly, if you wear any specialty size (including petite for the small packages out there) the fashion retailers are not really there for you. (A visit to any mall anywhere will confirm this.) By special request, we here at TGL want to address where a woman wearing larger sizes can go to find wonderful fashion. Why? Because we love our followers, and we love to see gathered ladies of all sizes express themselves and be free to rock! (Not to mention, there's a special place in my heart for my thick sisters- we are one, ya'll!) 

Rule #1: There are A LOT of options for plus size shoppers, you've just got to train your eye. 

It's less about there being no options, than about learning to ignore the junk and zero in on what you're looking for. There are plenty of brick and mortar stores out there that have been selling plus size for decades:


  • Department stores (Macy's, Nordstrom, Dillard's, etc.)
  • Plus Size Chains (Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Torrid, Forever 21, Dress Barn, Cache, etc)
  • Discount outlets (TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Ross <-- DO NOT DISCOUNT THESE BARGAIN SHOPPERS!!!)
  • Specialty boutiques (There is a huge searchable database of plus size boutiques located on the curvy fashionista website, here.) 
  • Consignment Shops and Thrift Stores (Buffalo Exchange, Good Will, etc.)


My point here is, don't discount these stores! There are a lot of wonderful fashion pieces to be found in these places, but the kinds of shoppers who do best in this arena have to be willing:


  • To visit these stores regularly.
  • To ignore all the items in the wrong sizes and zero in on the size you wear. Sometimes this means actively digging around, hunting, and going through racks and racks of "skinny" clothes. Can be depressing because you often come up empty handed or with only a few things.  
  • To try on items in the store. 
  • Visit a lot of stores and spend time out and about. This means driving around, burning gas, etc. 
  • To develop a good sense of style and an "eye" for putting together outfits. Often when you shop in these stores you find literally one piece at a time. You have to use your own creativity and imagination to actually know whether what you are looking at will fit with your wardrobe and look good with things that you already own. Less mannequins to lead the way! If you don't have a sharp sense of what you are looking for, this can be frustrating or intimidating. 


Which is why I'm not going to focus on those stores. I want to point the way to a easier, more fun way of shopping. A way that is so integrated into the things that you already spend time on, that you can't fail to make a go of it. It is also (in my opinion) consistently cheaper than visiting brick and mortar stores. Yes, I am talking about THE INTERNETS! 

Rule #2: Girls with curves cannot afford to omit online shopping from their arsenal of fashion acquisition! It is an essential element to a complete wardrobe. 

The best thing about online shopping is that it eliminates much of the work of the brick and mortar stores. Also it allows you to self-select the clothes you see, and visit more stores sitting at your desk with a latte and fuzzy slippers on than you could ever do charging around a mall or zipping all around town visiting boutiques. So often, when you are out shopping and looking for something in particular, you are at the mercy of what store's buyer has chosen to stock that store in. Looking for a black pencil skirt, size 18? Well, if Lane Bryant's buyer isn't putting out business separates that season, or if she only decided to stock the store with 2 skirts and you're the 3rd customer, you're out of luck. Online shopping eliminates all those issues. Yay! 

Have I convinced you yet? Are you asking where where where? Great, now I can point you in the right direction.. 

I don't really have a reason for including this photo. She's just hot and I want you to be super stoked about shopping online.

 Rule #3: Every woman should be acquainted with Marie Denee, The Curvy Fashionista, top blogger and plus size maven of style. She is your guide to learning the world of plus size fashion, designers, bloggers, and shopping. 

Marie's blog is my everything. It would be ridiculously unfair of me if I didn't give you a huge shove in her direction. Her blog is a nexus of the plus size fashion world, and an empowering place to visit. In fact, she's written an awesome primer of her own about skilled shopping for curvies, and I'm linking it here and check out this top ten list here. I'd be remiss not to include them! 

As for the websites that I, Danni of The Gathered Lady can personally vouch for (I bought stuff), here goes: 


  • One Stop Plus - one stop fashion mall stocked with only 14+. Great sales. Includes lingerie and swimwear.
  • Macy's - self-explanatory. Has a dedicated plus size section. Great sales. 
  • Monif C. - best swimsuits in the business. Originator of the convertible dress. Amazing cocktail dresses. 
  • Asos - british fashion outlet gone big in the US! Excellent fashion forward outfits. 
  • Kiyonna - their cocktail dresses and evening wear are tops. 
  • Simply Be - let me just say you gotta love those Brits. You're plus sized? Keep calm and carry on. To Simple Be. 
  • Carma Koma - Love sophistcated black, leaether, and grey palettes? This danish fashion retailer is for you! 
  • Igigi -  Igigi is an OG in plus size fashion known for their amazing (and expensive) gowns and formal wear. This sight is more a lookey-lou and a thrill than a regular visit. 
  • Voluptuous Vixen  - this is my favorite boutique in New Orleans, but wouldn't you know, they have online shopping? Now you can be down.
  • Jibri - Jibri is actually an etsy store, but the clothes are so HOT that it is fast becoming a fashion-forward establishment! Don't miss out! 

Well, what did I miss? Send in your suggestions on facebook or in the comments section below, and we'll add them! 



Fashion Lust: Monif C. "Grace" Peplum Tuxedo

Happy Friday Fashionistas! We've got our first cold front down here in New Orleans, and I got to wear a coat and my new banging sweater dress. You know what that means, don't you? The holidays are around the corner, and winter fashion has gone from dream to reality. Winter fashion is place for a curvy, full figured doll like me to really shine! That being said, it's never too early to start planning (read: shopping for) amazing outfits for the formal and semi-formal holiday parties that I attend each year (a socialite's partying is never done). Which brings me to the fashion lust item that I could not get out of my mind the instant I saw it... 

Monif C's "Grace" Peplum Tuxedo

Aw, honey! Trust and believe that I would rock this so well! I just love the cut of the jacket, primed to emphasize the hourglass, and the peplum which adds drama and trend to a classic look.  Attitude galore, and just what I'm looking for, if you'll forgive the rhyme. The price, however, does put a sister in check. 198$ for the jacket and 148$ for the pants for a grand total of 346$! It burns like fire! But am I willing to spend? We shall see... this little number is on pre-order and ships out the first week of the December. One option is to buy only one piece, but where's the fun in that? Ya'll pray with me as I consider what's a girl to do...  

Just one more look! Oh my! 

Well, what do you think? We'd love to see your comments down below or on facebook! 


Fashionista Feature: Leah

Happy Monday! This week we've brougth you another beautiful gathered fashionista. Leah is a 29 year old California native who currently is finishing her PhD in biomedical science with ambitions to become a cancer researcher. Leah is smart, fun, social and fabulously stylish. Currently in Nashville, Tennessee, Leah enjoys hosting dinner parties, going to lounges, live music and sports events. Leah  says "My style is edgy and chic. I love color, prints, accessories, and shoes. Also, I like to show off my legs, so it's sexy too." We agree, but don't take our word. See for yourself and check out this week's fave fashionista's pictures and interview and be inspired to be gathered like Leah!

  1. Describe your fashion style in 5 words. edgy. colorful. chic. sexy. tribal.

  2. Who are your favorite style icons? Beyonce! Rihanna for her edgy appeal. Also, being plus size, I look up to Mia Amber. I admired her style, presence and poise. Queen Latifah.

  3. Finish this sentence: I can’t help but buy more shoes and accessories for my closet.

  4. Surprise! Impromptu interview for Marie Claire in 2 hours! What do you wear?  Denim trousers, a plain T, a striped cropped blazer, platform sandals, and hot accessories. Casual but working it!

  5. Favorite stores to supply your fashion habit? For budget friendly items I go to Target & Forever 21, Sears and Khol’s, sometimes Ross. Some of the online places I shop are and  I also like a lot of random cute boutiques from Instagram.

  6. Best fashion advice you live by? “Dare to be different.”. My style is very daring and uniquely me, so I follow trends but I always make it my own. Also, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to look amazing. It’s about piecing things together in a creative way.

  7. Worst fashion mistake you ever made? Yeah... in the late 90’s when wearing super baggy tom-boy clothes were in style. I pray that trend never comes back. I wore baggy jersey’s and jeans. I’m so glad I had a come up from that time. It was rough, lol.

  8. Favorite childhood fashion item you were obsessed with? Baby doll dresses and the wedge keds! I’ve always been into accesories, so I loved little lace necklaces too.

  9. Secret fashion look you wish you could pull off? Hmm, definitely a crop top. I can show a little something- something, but I want to rock the fitted top with tight jeans.

  10. What traits make up a gathered lady to you? Which do you have? A gathered lady is a confident, successful, stylish woman who knows how to be causal chic and can look great in anything. The most essential feature is her confidence. When I wear stuff, and I slide my heels on, I tap into my inner diva, own the look and no one can tell me anything! That’s gathered!

  11. Favorite asset to accentuate? How? My legs. I’m tall and when I wear heels it accentuates their long length. And I keep them toned, so I try to rock them when I can with skirts and sexy dresses.

  12. How do you dress your body concerns? I’m not the curviest girl as far as hips. I love bodycon-dresses, but I go more for one that has patterns that gives my curves more bang.  I adore A-line dresses and skirts, because it creates an illusion of fuller curves. My corsets and foundations garments also help me work my magic.

  13. Lazy day- what are you wearing? Regular black leggings, oversized T shirts from Target (the cotton one's with  a top pocket), and converse chucks-- I am from california, gotta love my chucks!
  14. Fun fashion fact: I hate wearing tennis shoes (my chucks are excluded), unless it has a wedge. I just always gravitate to shoes that make me feel fabulous!

 Are you a fashionista with fabulously gathered style? Send us your pictures to and if we like them, we'll share them! If you're really gathered, we may even feature you!


Fashionista Feature: Gathered Lady Danni!

Today, for your reading pleasure, senior contributing writer Danni spills and answers 21 questions!

  1. Name/Age/City? Danni. 30s are the new 20s and that’s all I have to say about it. New Orleans, Dirty South represent.

  2. Describe your fashion style in 5 words. Bohemian, cultured, edgy, fresh, colorful!

  3. Who are your favorite style icons? Janelle Monae, Jill Scott, Gwen Stefani, Michelle Obama, Jennifer Hudson

  4. Finish this sentence: I can’t help but buy more shoes for no reason whatsoever.

  5. Surprise! Interview being featured on Ellen in 2 hours! What do you wear? Polo Ralph Lauren floral ruffled silk dress, white swing jacket, Sam Edelman gold t-strap stilettos and gold accessories.    

  6. Most expensive item in your closet? My wedding dress! Closely followed by my Spanish handmade eel skin black boots.

  7. If a natural disaster wipes away your entire closet except for 3 pieces, what would you save? I’d save a relative the stress and voluntarily commit myself, seeing as I’ve already been through this! I’d save my Michelle Obama Vogue Cover clutch, my pink glitter Ivanka Trump heels, my indigo leopard Carlos Santana heels.

  8. Favorite stores to supply your fashion habit? TJ Maxx, Buffalo Exchange, Macy’s, Eloquii, Goodwill, Asos, Voluptuous Vixen, Forever 21, Dirt Cheap, Hudson’s Treasure Hunt, Target.

  9. Best fashion advice you live by: Do not buy anything that does not make you look and feel fabulous at the time you try it on! Bonus: Shop all the time. That way, you can cherry-pick amazing items and build a wardrobe, while cleverly avoiding shoppers panic when you need an outfit for a special occasion. You will also avoid spending too much on clothes at one time.

  10. Worst fashion mistake you ever made? Oh there were so many! The worst was probably: overalls. An unfortunate pot-belly creating lapse in judgement that occurred over and over in high school/college. With one strap fastened I might add. poster girl!

  11. Favorite childhood fashion item: Pink nikes! I was Cheetah of the Thundercats! Zoom zoom!

  12. Secret fashion look you wish you could pull off: Babydoll dresses. They morph on me to a feedsack-tent-fatty-bib-thing. It’s supernatural.

  13. Fill in the blank: If I were small chested, then I would wear tops and dresses with shelf bras.

  14. What traits make up a gathered lady to you? Which do you have? Gathered ladies are empowered women with a defined identity, unapologetically aware of themselves, protective of themselves and their rights and choices, and fearlessly making decisions in pursuit of their goals. Whatever gathered women do or try, they go hard. They also play hard, love to learn, and love to share their experiences and interests with others. Lastly, gathered women have a lot of respect for themselves and whatever fashion they choose, all of these values are apparent. Many women, including myself, have all of these traits.

  15. Favorite asset to accentuate? How? I am an *ahem* generous hourglass, and I love to wear anything that defines my shape while showing my “amazing” (I hear this all the time) legs! This means that I am the queen of foundation garments, belts, and other waist-defining and fat-roll-control techniques. Need to put a 187 on some dimples? Holla at your girl. 

  16. How do you dress your body concerns? I make sure to cover that cleavage. Boobs as big as mine are always on display. I own a lot of foundation garments in different styles, configurations, and levels of control to pair with different outfits. I also try NEVER to lose my waist in an outfit, or wear billowy, long things with busy patterns. That way lies MADNESS!

  17. Best fashion steal you snagged? Donna Rico bubble cocktail dress for 6$... also I have been given some amazing fashion items from a high fashion friend of mine with the same shoe size-- eel-skin Spanish boats, Donald Pliner boots.

  18. Which celebrity closet would you love to raid? Jennifer Hudson!! Raiding her closet would make me feel goooooooood! *sings Nina Simone*

  19. Lazy day- what are you wearing? Maxi dress and sandals all day... 

  20. Fashion trend you want to go away? I’m going to need the leggings as pants trend to end IMMEDIATELY. The 0.4% of the population that could pull it off aren’t even the offenders. Let’s display those lady lumps with some style, please.

  21. How has your culture influenced your fashion style? I’m New Orleans born and bred, but I’ve also travelled the world and lived and worked internationally. I love to incorporate patterns and colors from the cultures I’ve experienced. I’m also a Southern girl, so I set great store by dressing up for occasions--church, formals, cultural events, high tea... name it, and I’ve got an outfit for it.