How to Rock Military Style
Mon, November 11, 2013 at 3:34PM
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Happy Veterans Day! To all the Military personnel who serve our country, your service is priceless and appreciated. Not only do military protect our country, they also inspire pretty hot fashion  (and sometimes lust- yes, men in uniforms are hot!).

One of the major trends on the Fall 2013 runway is military inspired clothing. What I love about these looks, is that it's comprised of clean lines, dark colors (perfect for fall), and has tough androgynous appeal. You don't have to wear camouflage to be military chic (sorry, it just makes me feel very 'People Of Walmart'). Some of the key elements needed to pull of this look and stay sophisticated are: 



Here are some of my favorite ways to rock the look and still stay chic! 

Military Look 1


Military Look 1 by bree-jenkins featuring a green pleated dress



Military Fashion 2


Military Fashion 2 by bree-jenkins featuring a red lipstick



Military Look #3


Military Look #3 by bree-jenkins featuring an iphone cover case



Military Fashion #4


Military Fashion #4 by bree-jenkins featuring wide rings


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