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Hairstyles for a Bad Hair Day

Hopefully this article is being read in a preventative manner, but every lady knows eventually you will have a bad hair day. Maybe your hair is in that funky grow out stage between short and mid-length, you have too many grays, greasy hair, a naturalista with crunchy frizzy curls, or a relaxed lady with too much new growth, or a combination of several-- the point is your hair is NOT the business! Well, Gathered Lady Bree to the rescue!  

This past friday, I was in hair hell myself. My curls were wack (dry, undefined in the front, mashed flat in the back, dull, and insanely frizzy and super big). I had almost no time to get out of the house and a wash and go wasn't a viable option! Here's my favorite style saves for bad hair days!

Hair Problem: "My Hair is SHOULD NOT be seen by human eyes"

Solutions: Hair Turban, Wigs


Hair Problem: "My roots look horrible". "My Hair is too greasy". "I have too many grays".

Solutions: - French Braid - High Bun with decoraitve head band - Thin Scarf/Hair Tie - Deep Side Part ponytail


Hair Problem: "My ends are frayed and damaged." "My Hair is overprocessed and dry" "I am a transitioning natural and I have two textures". "My roots are puffy but the rest of my hair is straight"

Solutions: - French Braid/Twisted Hairline with Bun in back - Humped hair in front with french braid or bun in back  -50's pin-up bangs with bun in back


Have you rocked one of these fab styles or have other Bad Hair Day styles that rescue your look? Share your pics with us and if we like it, we'll share it. You can email us at or find us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @TheGatheredLady !


How to Rock the Fishtail Braid 

Happy Friday Fashionistas! I, intrepid blogger that I am, have put Tropical Storm Karen preparations on hold to being you a quick post on how to rock one of my favorite hairstyles to lust over. I say lust over, because I have NEVER worn this style - braiding is one of my kryptonite skillsets. That is to say, I don't braid very well! (I can barely re-do a box braid that fell out and I cannot cornrow to save my life!)

Ah, the fishtail braid. Le poisson braide! Zut alors! Please forgive my lapse into ecstatic French, but I was poetic over this braid, which can be worn messily or neatly, and is appropriate for everything from the office to the club and in between. This braid, which has been on trend for awhile now, is often rocked by celebs and starlets. 


Beautiful. Sophisticated. Seductive.

But how does one accomplish this? It's not like I can tell you, but I checked youtube, and found a simple video that will have you rocking fishtail braids at will. As soon as you learn you can come to my house and do my hair...



How to rock Earthy and Bohemian Style: Boho Chic

Recently I've been doing a lot of personal styling and make-over for friends and fashion clients. One of the styles that is greatly misinterpreted and highly requested of many of these women is bohemian style, often referred to as "earthy, beachy, hippy, mother-earth, or natural". The problem with some of these terms is that there is often a negative connotation to them (i.e. ungroomed hippy-nature woman). This evokes mental pictures of eccentric women with wild hair, mounds of drab-drapey clothing, a tambourine, and granola shoes. This doesn't have to be! One of the best modern examples of fabulous Boho-Chic (emphasis on Chic!) is Nicole Richie. Her use of draping, colors, vintage, and hippy wear is well balanced and crazy cute!

But there are several ungathered ways this look is carried out. Maybe I'll save that for another article, but I'll give you the ungathered highlights as well as a few gathered recommendations:

Do Not

  • Wear extremely oversized clothes. Yes, Boho Chic is often flowy cuts and draping, but that should not mean you look like you can fit 2 small kids in your clothes.
  • Only wear long peasant skirts, maxi dresses, and knit-wear. This is as crazy as people who only wear leather. It's overkill.
  • Let your appreciation for more "natural beauty" turn into poor hygiene and grooming. Mascara, a brush, Lip Balm/Gloss, and accessories make a world of difference in adding the "chic" to Boho-Chic.
  • Neglect ward-robe essentials and structured clothes. In order to be a versatile gathered woman, you'll need basics like dark denim jeans, slacks, and other structured pieces. There are always ways to put Boho touches on almost any look.
  • Wear flip flops 24/7. Comfotable and cute shoes can be a little bit of a challenge, but don't let that translate into laziness by wearing sneakers, uggs, crocs, and other weather/occasion inappropriate shoes that will make your look fashion unfriendly.

 Do Try: 

  • Mixing simple prints in moderation and working up to bolder prints. Prints are an easy way to add Boho style.
  • Vintage wear. It can add charm to your look and fashion diva points to your rep!
  • Colors. Just because the term is "earthy" doesn't mean you need to stick to brown, tan, cream, and green. The earth has every shade!
  • Jewelry. This can be a big misconception about Earthy style. Accessories is actually a major part of this esthetic. Try rocking turquoise, crystals, gems and minerals, bangles, hoops, or feathers!
  • Strappy Sandals, Toms, Ankle Boots, Ballet Flats, and Retro and Vintage heels to meet your footwear needs.

Here a few examples of some Boho Styles that can be rocked to various occasions!

To Work

Bohemian Outfit #1



To Semi-Formal/Dressy Event

Bohemian Outfit #2



To A Date

Bohemian Outfit #3



To Shop/Casual

Bohemian Outfit #4



To Outdoor Event in the Fall

bohemian outfit #5



To Music Concert/Party

Bohemian #6



Do You have amazing Boho Chic style? If so, we'd love to see it! Share your photos with us at or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @ TheGaheredLady and if we like it, we'll share it!


A Gathered Event: Unlikely Heroes Justice Ball 2013

Last week I had the honor of attending the 2013 Justice Ball in support of ending child sex-slavery.  The event was beautiful and housed at the massive Boulevard 3 in Hollywood. The attendees, invited from all over LA, several local mega-churches and synagogues, were dressed elegantly. Although a formal event, many of the fashion savvy LA crowd took that to mean "dress to impress/cocktail attire". Knowing this ahead of time, I opted for a vintage semi-formal dress. Despite the minor faux-pas in formality, the cause of the night was profound and the fashion was lovely. A truly gathered event indeed. We spotted many of the top Fall trends with winter white, vintage film noir, lace, velvet, and black and white.  Check out some of our favorite looks of the night.

Beautiful women in elegant formal dresses

The short and sweet of itChic and edgy rompers and dressesFormal friendsWinter Whites and Classic BlackLovely, right? Just like the gathered women pictured above, we should always be doing more than having great fashion. We can profoundly impact the world with our style and influence beyond our closets.  If you'd like to further support them, consider a donation or spreading the word by liking their facebook. Here are more facts from Unlikely Heroes about child-sex slavery and how this non-profit helps young women in need.

Do you have a gathered event  in Los Angeles, New Orleans, Atlanta, or New York City you'd like for us to attend and share the fashionable experience? Connect with us at or Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @TheGatheredLady.


The Gathered Lady List, Vol. 1

Happy Friday, Fashionistas! This post is the first of what I am sure will be a popular series here on THe Gathered Lady... the Gathered Lady List! This is a place for me to rant give props and cheers to gathered ladies and things that have grabbed our attention, as well as sideye the hell out of   boo and hiss let the world know about their not-so-gathered counterparts. All in good fun of course... 

Gathered: Kerry Washington


  • Emmy-nominated actress; character Olivia Pope from Scandal, voted one of the Best Dressed Characters TV Characters of 2013 by Vanity Fair
  • Fashionista Extraordinaire
  • Political advocate and Activist for women's rights and V-day 



Gathered: Janelle Monae


  • Fashionista and hair idol
  • 6 Grammy nominations, critically-acclaimed singer, composer
  • Founder of the Wondaland Arts Society
  • Discovered by Big Boi of Outkast


Gathered: Amber Riley


  • Most famous for playing Mercedes Jones of Glee; main cast member 
  • Dancing with the stars front-runner, season 17
  • Curvy and proud fashionista


Gathered: Wendy Davis


  • Lawyer, Democratic Representative of District 10, Texas State Senate
  • Women's Right Advocate 
  • 11 hour filibuster to block Senate Bill 5, a bill banning abortion after 20 weeks and forcing closure of the majority of clinics providing abortions. 
  • Started a pink sneaker trend during filibuster; fashionista 


And of course, we could not help but notice... there are some, 'ahem' ungathered ones... 

Ungathered: Miley Cyrus

  • Formerly Disney child star, Billboard chart-topping recording artist
  • Sexually-explicit ungathered performances at concerts, culminating in VMA performance 
  • Cultural appropriation and perversion of the "twerk", a dance stright out of New Orleans (She dared???)
  • Naked on a wrecking ball?!?

Ungathered: Kate Gosselin


  • Mom from reality show John and Kate Plus 8 (have sextuplets and twins)
  • Messy, ugly infighting and public divorce; show renamed Kate Plus 8
  • Left career as registered nurse; now a professional reality personality 
  • 2010 season of the Dancing with the Stars 
  • Newly released cookbook to raise money to "support her family" 


Ungathered: Senator Ted Cruz


  • Republican, Texas US Senate as of 2013; recently elected in 2012, filling seat left vacant by Kay Bailey Hutchinson
  • Anti-Obamacare Advocate 
  • Recent filibuster against a bill temporarilty preventing government shutdown was a publicity stunt in the campaign to hold the government hostage against the abolition of the Affordable Care Act. (He obviously was "inspired" by Wendy Davis). 



Well, that's all for now, folks! And for you ungathered ones on the list: there is hope. You can still turn yourself around!  Do you agree with the list? Why or why not? Comment, email or facebook us and add your gathered suggestions to the list! 

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