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Dating & Mating: How to dress for a concert 

Happy Friday fashionistas! Glad to be back after a nice Thanksgiving break. I've digested the turkey. I've shopped on Cyber Monday because Black Thursday/Friday is for suckas and even finally reconciled myself to having to come back to work. So what do I have for my pretty princesses today? Glad you asked... 

This post is inspired by a recent conversation I had with my best friend, who's single and dating up a storm. A new boothang just hit her up with an offer she couldn't refuse --  tix to the Jay-Z concert! Score! She was stoked, and likes the cutie who asked her well enough, but whatever should she wear? 

A question for the ages. Dressing for a concert is actually harder than you would think. Definitely two minds are better than one on this issue. She came to the right place! And so did you. Today we're going to discuss what to wear on a concert date.

You want to be gathered. Stylish. Appropriate and comfortable (nothing like overdressing or underdressing for a concert- horrors!). But since it's a date and not just a regular concert, there's an additional goal besides comfort and style. There is also the goal to be hot, alluring, sexy, and to show yourself in the best light possible. 

When making your choice, consider: 

1) Time of Day.   Obviously night concerts are more flashy and daytime ones are more casual. 

2) Venue.  Is the concert inside or outside? At the theater downtown, or the open-air arena? Is it a huge stadium concert, or an acoustic, intimate bar? Also, consider the terrain because shoe choice is MAJOR. Is it on a grassy knoll? A stadium with huge ramps and stairs? Don't the limping chick with the dirty feet carrying her hooker stilettos (we've seen her! She's real!) 

3) Genre of Music. Yes, consider the type of music. Let it inspire your fashion sense. There aren't any hard and fast rules really, but... wearing black studded motorcycle boots to the Chamber Musicale? A tuxedo to Bonnaroo? See what I mean? Let the music be your guide. 

And now for some fashion inspiration... 

Evening Hip-Hop or Rock Concert 


Jay-Z Concert




  • Build upon simple base elements and layer accessories. As you can see, any combination of the great elements above will build a great outfit with lots of zing. 
  • Don't be afraid to use props: hats, glasses, gloves, suspenders, wallet chains, arm cuffs... outlandish under other circumstances but perfect for a great concert. 
  • Shoes should definitely be for comfort and lots of walking. No one will pay much attention anyways. Heels will bring a lifetime of regrets. This I promise thee! 
  • Add edge without going overboard. Camoulflage and metallic trends play up nicely. 
  • Don't be afraid to embellish both eyes and lips. Looks amazing in the low concert lights. 
  • Red lips are every woman's secret weapon. Werkkkk! 

Evening Jazz or Acoustic Concert Small Venue with Seating


Nora Jones Concert




  • You have a good chance of a candlelight situation here. Don't miss out - try smokey, dramatic eyes, and elements to catch the light and sparkle. 
  • If you play up the eyes, leave the lips slick and nude-colored. His eyes will be drawn there, again and again. Muah! 
  • Heels are back in as possibilities. Just step carefully - pun intended!


Now these aren't the only types of concerts, certainly. For any concerts more formal than the ones covered here, follow the same fashion guidelines as a cocktail party.  If you'd like to review what to wear to a daytime informal concert or festivals, visit our post here

Well what do you think? Did I miss anything? Have you ever been on a fun concert date? What did you wear? Share with us on facebook or in the comments below. If we like, we'll share! 



Upcoming Event: J*Davey Concert

This is most definitely a band you need to know about. If you don't, glad we're the first to put you on their sound. These two create ART for your ears. And lucky you, they are coming to LA for a concert. Best part? Tickets are only $10 if you buy presale ($12 at door).  I'd check it out since they sound great in person and it will be a fairly intimate setting. Good for mingling with others who have excellent music taste.

Their sound is pretty unique, a hypnotic mix of  alternative, jazz, Hip-Hop, electronica, funk, afro-punk, new wave, futurism, soul, and alternative R&B. Yeah, all of those elements squeezed in for masterpieces. Check out the video link below of one of their new releases Quicksand.

Come see them perform Live:

with DEF SOUND , The Kid & Funk The Fresh & The Brains
Thursday, Apr 12, 2012 8:30 PM PDT
Echoplex (below the Echo), 1822 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
18 years and over

Click to Buy Tickets Here