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How to dress from Work to Play

Every truly gathered woman knows the motto "work hard/play hard" and embodies that to some extent. Playing hard is about self-care, not partying recklessly and destroying your youthful glow.  We all need down time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. So when it's time for happy hour, a casual date, a social event, or other enjoyable after work function, how do we transition our outfits to save time, money and clothes? See our go to ideas on how to change work outfits from day to night.

To Do


  • Use accessories to elevate the style of your work basics. Adding bracelets, cocktail rings, dramatic earring and statement necklaces works wonders.
  • Use a fierce and dramatic shoe to increase the sexiness of your outfit without changing your hemline or lowering your collar.
  • Add a waist belt to loose dresses to give shape and chicness
  • Switch from a bulky tote to a chic clutch
  • Increase the drama of your make-up. Highlight your cheekbones, add mascara/liner, try a dark lipstick.
  • Don't forget your favorite perfume
  • Let your hair down or switch the part. 


Great Pieces to Build from


  • Use fitted pants rather than traditional slacks
  • Pay attention to fabric. It's easier to move from day to night with more luxurious fabrics  (silk, leather, satin, beading, etc)
  • Use colorful jackets and blazers rather than cardigans
  • Keep killer high heels in your car
  • Have a Fashion Emergency Kit in your car (read our post on this here)



Work to Play #2




From Work to Play




Work to Play #3



Have you rocked a work hard, play hard outfit? Share it with us at The Gathered Lady on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and if we love it, we'll share it!


Venue Review: Cafe Entourage

(source: pubcrawls)

Name Cafe Entourage  
Date Friday 2/10/12  
Address 1600 Vine St., Los Angeles, CA  
Area Hollywood  
Size 2 stories, medium  
Cost Free  
Parking street or  paid lot ($7-10)  
Music R&B, HIP HOP, Rap, Top 40  
Ambiance Old Hollywood glamour with contemporary spin  
Decor Medium sized dining area, upstairs lounge area, VIP sections with lounge seating  


Mixed crowd of gathered ladies, gathered men, and some getting gathered individuals, Standard age mid 20's - early 30's  


Tables for dining, reservations recommended. 10 bar stools, chaise lounge seating with reserved parties  
Food No major complaints  
Drinks Full bar   
Best Nights Saturday  
Dress Code Trendy casual  
Wait time 10 - 45 mins  
Restroom 2 stalls  

Pros: Cafe Entourage is a unique mix of restaurant and lounge atmosphere. The food is typically priced for Hollywood and satisfying, but not spectacular. I’ve had the shrimp pasta and the ribeye, both of which were a 6.5 on a scale of ten. The crowd is the main attraction for this spot. There are definitely some dime pieces and handsome black men who frequent this place. However, there is a bit of Ratchetness mixed in (roughly 20%). One other major bonus for Cafe Entourage is the DJ and music. A good mix of R&B, Top 40, Hip Hop, and Old School. Entourage is conveniently located in a hot zone of other gathered venues, so getting there is convenient as an after hours spot.

Cons: This place promotes that it’s poppin Thursday through Sunday. That remains to be seen. I’ve stopped by various days and have only seen huge lines and long waits on Saturday. If you are on CPT and get there after 11pm, expect a wait, possibly rude security guards, and the typical Hollywood club act. Apparently once the spot is in demand, you need to have VIP pull or a entourage to get in. The restaurant experience is inconsistent, definitely a hit or miss. They are often out of the types of wines many of the honeys favor: white, Moscato, Riesling, Zinfandel, etc.. That’s a boo.  As for the food quality, it’s certainly not bad, but it’s nothing to rave about. My guess is food is not there 1st priority and selling point, so they get by on making food people won’t complain about. That’s not a very high bar in LA.

The Gathered’s Grade: B- for effort  Cafe Entourage is definitely trying to offer something I can appreciate: a mixed crowd of gathered, getting gathered, industry people and young black professionals from early 20’s to late 30’s, a entertaining dining experience, good music, and a less flashy and high maintenance social experience in Hollywood. I say yes. My personal preference on a Saturday night is a full lounge/club experience, but there is a definite need for more lounge/restaurant combo venues that gathered people can frequent. Cafe Entourage is a place to check out. Dress well, appearance matters. You’ll probably pay $7-10 for the car lot parking. No cost to get in, but if you order food  and at least 2 alcoholic drinks (reservations suggested on Friday/Saturday night) you’re looking at  bill of at least $40 per person. Beware of the bathroom, there are only 2 stalls in the downstairs unit and the attendant may ASK you for a tip. Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently tips are expected even if you don’t use the amenities. Yes, that’s a bit bold for me too. Despite the minor offenses, I believe if you are a part of thegatheredLA you’ll enjoy yourself. Like the name suggests, get your entourage ready and go get it.