How to dress from Work to Play
Thu, December 12, 2013 at 10:14AM
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Every truly gathered woman knows the motto "work hard/play hard" and embodies that to some extent. Playing hard is about self-care, not partying recklessly and destroying your youthful glow.  We all need down time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. So when it's time for happy hour, a casual date, a social event, or other enjoyable after work function, how do we transition our outfits to save time, money and clothes? See our go to ideas on how to change work outfits from day to night.

To Do



Great Pieces to Build from




Work to Play #2


Work to Play #2 by bree-jenkins featuring Yellow Jacket



From Work to Play


From Work to Play by bree-jenkins featuring short tops



Work to Play #3


Work to Play #3 by bree-jenkins featuring white shoes


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