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Professional Style Inspiration for Summer! 

Summer’s here and it’s getting hot! For us professionals and nine-to-fivers, what to wear to work becomes an enigma as we try to balance out sweltering heat with icy air conditioning. In today’s workplace, the game has changed for women, and so have the dress codes for the most part - more fluid, flexible, and permissive. Fashionistas can have fun with it, and still dress to impress and win that promotion or recognition that you so richly deserve. Today’s post looks at style inspiration for summer work looks and some tips to help you style your way through summer. 

The Power Player 

As a power player, you aren’t dressing for the job you want --  you’ve already arrived. Tailored lines, bold color, and rich details and accessories are the order of the day. A classic and conservative dress code can benefit from playing up the season’s hottest colors and adding textured fabrics like the jaquard in the skirt pictured above. Like most power players, your work obligations extend past the workday, so transitional pieces need to go from day to night with little more than taking off your blazer.

A tip: Carry a edgy wristlet or clutch in your tote to hold your essentials and you’re ready for the cocktail party in two shakes!

The Trendsetter  

A trendsetter is most at home in a creative industry like design, but also thrives in less strict and conservative work environments. Edgy hair and nail colors are safe here. Also, props and unconventional accent pieces make your style distinct. Another place to distinguish yourself is makeup - feel free to play up your eye or lips with color (not both... and for goodness sake, no glitter!). Because you’re never boring, replace that boring work cardigan with a leather motorcycle jacket and keep away AC frostbite.

A tip: An alternate flat shoe can save your tootsies during the day so that you can dance the night away after a full day at the office.

The Casually Chic 

A casual workplace is even more of a playground - the world is your oyster. Take risks and wear those fun patterned pants, even jeans (no rips, please). What we at TGL discourage is taking the “business casual” look to the rock bottom by wearing yoga pants, sweats, and the like. Avoid! Even in a casual work environment, a snazzy dresser has an advantage. Everyone will know your name and secretly hope that you will chose them to bless with a makeover.


A tip: bolder colors outside of the basics will look amazing and show off that sparkling personality!


In Transition

Okay, so you’re looking for a J-O-B... keep your head up! We here at TGL suggest that you give the prim and proper business sheath a try for interviews. (It works for Michelle Obama!) Update the basic black to a power blue, and you’re guaranteed to turn heads. The key here is not to overwhelm all those brains, skills, and knowledge with distracting makeup, jewelry, or hair in an interview. Remember, most hiring managers make decisions based on emotion (whether they like you and can imagine you in the workplace) and then justify that feeling with logic (your amazing resume says you have skills and education). That means that you have to display your amazing self in its best light. Confidence and poise win major points with men and women.

A tip: Interviewing and job searching is a head game. This is a case where your attitude can create opportunity out of thin air. Keep your spirits up with style inspiration! This is also an excellent time to step up your bargain shopping game if your interviewing attire needs a boost and the budget is tight.

So? How did we do? If you care to share, please do in the comments below! You can also email or facebook us to share your style, and if we like, we’ll share with the world. What are you waiting for?   


What to Wear to a Graduation!

Happy Monday! I'm not in the Big Apple at the moment--had to fly home to watch my sister graduate this weekend. Graduation is one of those occasions where nobody tells the guests (or the graduates) what to wear. Fortunately, The Gathered Lady is here to help. Below are some quick tips for this graduation season.


  1. Leave your jeans at home. I know, I love my denim too, but it doesn't work for every occasion. If you want to wear pants, consider a pair of slim-fitting, cropped pants like these from MICHAEL by Michael Kors. Choose colorful or printed pants for extra style points.
  2. Be careful not to overdress. Think slightly more casual than your Sunday best. The rule here is similar to our advice on dressing for a first date. You want to aim for pretty, not fierce. Remember, you'll be surrounded by parents and grandparents!J. Crew
  3. Don't be afraid to rock a trend. You can still be stylish without going full fashionista. There are many spring trends that are perfect for a graduation outfit. Think about incorporating pretty florals, stripes and lace detailing. This past weekend, I wore a multi-colored faux-wrap dress with an ethnic print to my sister's graduation, while she wore a bright orange strapless dress. Quick note for graduates: stay away from full skirts on graduation day. The extra volume will be visible (and not very flattering) underneath your gown.
  4. It's May! Be colorful! It can be tempting to throw on a LBD (little black dress) and be done with it, but resist! You'll be celebrating a happy occasion, let it show with your outfit choice.
  5. Don't overdo the makeup. Remember, it's graduation. It will be the middle of the day and you will be in a ton of pictures. Heavy makeup is not your friend. Try a fresh-faced look with warm, light colors. Think golds and neutrals for your eyes, pinks and peaches for your cheeks and lips, and light on the eyeliner. Zappos
  6. Wear cute, practical shoes. I cannot stress this enough. If you're a graduate, you are going to be doing a lot of walking, including up and down stairs when you cross the stage. The last thing you want is to take a spill because you're teetering on six-inch stilettos. Graduates and guests alike will be doing a great deal of standing around after the actual ceremony to take pictures and it will be a very long walk back to the car if your feet hurt. Days like this are best served by cute sandals and wedges. Just don't forget to take care of your heels and toes before the big day!
  7. Mind the weather. The last thing you want is an impromptu rain shower ruining your hair and makeup. Don't forget to bring an umbrella, and stay away from suede shoes, which can be ruined if they get wet. If it's an outdoor graduation, check the weather beforehand and pack a coat or extra blankets if it is going to be chilly.

Have a graduation to attend this month? Are you graduating? Send us a picture from the big day, and if we love it, we'll share it! Congratulations to all of the fabulous graduates from the ladies of The Gathered Lady!



What to Wear to a Wedding

Spring has segued into early summer, and guess what? It’s wedding season! There’s not a gathered lady of any age that doesn’t have a wedding to attend at least once a year, and some even more. The most pressing question: what to wear? We’ll save the bridal advice and wedding trends for another post, and give the advice most helpful to the masses... how to be a gathered guest!

Of course, being a gathered guest is more than wearing a cute ‘fit, ya know? However, everyone from David Tutera to Emily Post has written tomes and blurbs on what and what not to do and say with regular updates. And so today, we gathered lady bloggers will stay in our lane and help you out with style inspiration!

But first, some cardinal rules....

DO NOT wear solid white. Patterns or color blocking where the white is not dominant are a-okay. Yes, some brides don’t care... but many do. Or their mom. Or granny. You get my point. There is a clever way to wear white (it is summer, after all) that will not offend, and it includes tucking it into a pattern, or in a color block. See below for examples. Now, if it’s an all white wedding and you’ve been asked to wear all white, ignore me.

DO NOT dress too sexy. Yes, you can meet a hottie nice young man at a wedding, but that is a happy circumstance and not a mission. Don’t vamp it up and be that girl. Be a gathered lady instead.

DO pay attention to the posted “attire” on the invite, e-vite, website, whatever. If you haven’t a clue what the attire is, or need some help understanding the made up phraseology (what the hell is "picnic chic"?! < -- This is a real example!) call someone in the know.

PS: Remember to always rsvp and never get drunk and hit on someone in the wedding party, steal the table flower arrangement, or comment on how bad someone’s kids are  be the ungathered guest.

Here are some examples of wedding guest ensembles that will work wonderfully with the most common wedding types. (If you get invited to a crazy themed, superhero, or renaissance fair wedding, you’re on your own... our bad.)

 Garden/Outdoor Summer Wedding 

  • A garden or outdoor occasion is a perfect time to work in the spring/summer florals trend.
  • Use the accessories to add a pop of color!
  • We suggest platforms or flats... you never know what the ground surface will be like. Wear stilettos at your peril!
  • White is hidden beneath a pattern!
  • Hat is optional. Use your judgement.  

Formal Evening Wedding

  • True formal weddings mean adhering to a formal dress length for the guests also.
  • Emerald trend alert! Check out that amazing draping on that dress.
  • Gold accents are classic and pair excellently with green.

Semi-Formal Wedding

  • A semi-formal occasion means is pretty synonymous with cocktail attire. Don’t be afraid to use color.
  • White is a part of a color block pattern and serves only to play up the coral.
  • Depending on whether the occasion is indoors or the climate, you may want to pair this with a jacket or scarf. Use the opportunity for another pop of (complimentary) color!

Church Wedding

  •  Because you have no earthly idea what another person’s church’s rules are, be sure to follow general modesty rules. Cover your shoulders, stomach, back, and knees COMPLETELY.  
  •  Again, white is a color block in the dress, and not dominant.
  •  We were daring here and included a transparent top, but make up for that with a camisole.

Casual/Informal Wedding

  •  Casual means casual. However, as a Southern gathered lady I just have to advocate wearing structured and fitted clothing to an occasion! Hence, no baggy sweaters. Remember, you will be in pictures!
  •  The neon and denim are daring choices, but go ahead if the wedding is casual. These are perfect dancing clothes!

Vegas Drunk Wedding

  •  Wear what you like! No one will remember.

What’s the craziest outfit you’ve ever seen at a wedding? Did you gasp out loud? Dish in the comment section below, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter @thegatheredlady!

Did we miss an occasion that you don’t have figured out? Send us a message at and we’ll help you find an outfit and post the results!

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