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Staying Cute, Cool & Comfortable During Festival Season

By In this fleeting moment on Flickr

Now that we’re rolling into the heart of summer (yes, I mixed my metaphors, but it’s OK since I’m being shameless about it), festival season is here. Festivals and fairs are great social outings for the community- (and fun-) minded fashionista, but they are also a fashion tragedy waiting to happen. I’ve assembled a quick list of ideas to ensure your next outing is a success. Because I care.

By BeautifullyPure on FlickrFind sensible shoes. Let’s get the most obvious piece advice out of the way first: wear a good flat. It can (and should!) be cute, but it should also be comfortable. Which means staying away from thin-soled ballerina slippers with no support. I can pretty confidently guarantee that your feet will hurt after walking on uneven grass or hard pavement in these types of shoes for four or five hours. Remember, most fairs and festivals are short on seating, so you won’t have much opportunity for reprieve if you’re in an impractical shoe.

Wear fresh-faced makeup. The last thing you want is for your makeup to slowly melt off your face and run onto your cute top. Yes, it does, in fact, look as gross as it sounds (speaking from personal experience). Select a mineral makeup or tinted moisturizer with a built in SPF. If you tend to get oily, it will be exacerbated by the weather, so remember to use a mattifying foundation primer and toss some blotting papers into your purse.

Carry a small cross-body purse. Speaking of purses, a festival is no place for a hobo large enough to carry a small child. Smaller purses have been enjoying a bit of a resurgence lately, so it’s quite convenient that this particular trend also happens to be practical. Your hands will be free to hold a teddy bear or perhaps a turkey leg, and you don’t have to experience the buzz-killing anxiety of not knowing where to stash your purse before you get on a ride.

Choose natural, breathable fabrics. I know I’m stating the obvious right now, but I feel like it has to be said—it’s really hot outside guys. And nobody wants to overheat because their wearing a portable, personal sauna. Scary and embarrassing. Stick to light natural fabrics like cotton and linen, which will breathe and wick away moisture.

Avoid short-sleeved tees. Because Farmer’s Tan. That is all.

By BeautifullyPure on FlickrGo retro. Retro is always in and the fashion mavens of the past are great inspiration for sensible, stylish attire. If you’re looking for a new look, try your favorite thrift store or Mod Cloth, which has a lot of great retro-inspired pieces.

Select smart, stylish accessories. If you're a hat person, think about incorporating a sun or cowboy hat into your look. If you're doing the retro look, try a head-band, round shades and a brightly-colored lipstick!

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