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Dating & Mating: Gathered Man's Guide to a Date


 "A date is: when a man plans a FUTURE event, calls to ask and confirm, pays, and is at a location that is NOT his home. #getgathered" 

The above tweet was liked and retweeted many times over because it is truth. Here is a dummy-proof step by step guide that is printer friendly and can be carried in your wallet should you forget. Follow this to enter a gathered girls heart or her panties. Preferably her heart, but hell if you are just after one thing, at least let her and you enjoy the ride. pun intended. ;) See handy flow chart to follow if you are unsure!

By Thegatheredla (

Is this a Good First Date? Am I a Gathered Man when it comes to dating?
#1) Is she aware that you want to go out because you are physically/romantically interested in her?

#2) Have you researched/planned an activity to do together? (At least 2 choices)

Is there food/drink options? (Coffee, cocktails, appetizers, meals all count)

#3) Have you discussed the options/plans with date?

Don't be last minute. You're trippin. She is a hot busy lady and is not sitting around waiting on you. Women don't like tepid men.
You are in the friend zone. This may not be a date in her head.

Don't be lazy/cheap. You are showing you are not mature and that you're ungathered.

She may think you are flaking and that she is not important to you. Women don't like tepid men.

#4) Called to confirm 1-3 days before date night?

#5) Then Call/Text to confirm day of date?

#6) Did you meet at designated time and place?

Apologize. Try not to be on CPT.

#7) Is she enjoying your company?
#10) Go home, See her safely home, or confirm that she gets home.

#9)Collect your hug/kiss/affection.

#9) You thanked her time/mention seeing her again soon.

#8) You paid for the date?

Top 3 reasons she's not:
1. you are not being chivalrous/respectful. This sets the tone for the date.
2. inappropriate talking topics
3. being fake/cocky
You rock. Awesome date. You're officially a gathered dater. Repeat this cycle at least twice before varying.

Come on, that final touch seals the deal. If she's at your house (winner winner chicken dinner), then don't jump on her like a hungry lion. Take it slow.

She will be confused if you are still interested in her. She may friend zone you. Be Assertive. Women don't like tepid men.

WTF?! dutch= friend zone. Don't you dare expect a kiss or some booty. jerk.


 Printer Friendly:

  1. Inform her that you would like to: take her out, go on a date, go to ____ together,
  2. Research and Plan 2-3 options of things you would like to do that are not in your or her home/apt/car. Typically this plan includes an interesting activity and some form of food and beverage.
  3. Discuss researched options and agree on time and place
  4. Call her to chat and confirm 1 to 3 days before designated day
  5. Call her day of date. Text may be accepted provided that steps 1-4 have occurred.
  6. Meet at designated time and place
  7. Enjoy her company
  8. Pay for date
  9. Thank her for time, mention seeing her again, wish her a good night, hug and/or kiss as appropriate, take your ass home.
  10. repeat cycle at least 2 more times before varying.




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